After School “Makes It Happen” with Namie Amuro

Popular girl group After School will make their Japanese debut through a collaboration single with Namie Amuro, one of the longest-running and biggest stars in Japan. Titled “Make It Happen,” this single will be featured on Amuro’s new best album “Checkmate!” which will be released on March 23rd.

“Namie Amuro first approached After School with the collaboration idea as she’s been interested in the girl group for a long time. They already completed filming the music video recently in Japan,” an official from After School’s agency said.

“Checkmate!” will have a total of seven tracks including some of the best songs that Amuro has been featured in over her long career. It will also come with new collaboration songs with other artists: the list includes Yamapi, Lil Wayne, m-flo’s Verbal, and CHEMISTRY, but After School is the only Korean pop artist to make the list. The nine-member girl group is also scheduled to start promoting their Japanese album in March so their collaborative act with Amuro should only generate more publicity. Many K-pop fans have been concerned over the recent KARA controversy as it could cast a dark cloud over girl groups and Korea’s pop culture industry as a whole. But with After School and more promotional activities like this, things will only get better.