Eunjung Goes Extreme Blonde!

Whoa! Eunjung, a star of the hit show “Dream High”,  is the type of girl that you would look at and describe as having an “anti-blonde” look and/or personality. However, the flexibility and talent of Eunjung has shined through like a glimmering star. Check out these new hot pictures below! 

Seriously, it’s shocking! In a great way! Aren’t we used to seeing girls like Nana, Jessica and Luna with the blonde look?  Eunjung pulls this off better than some actual blondes! “T-ARA maniac approval stamp.” Perhaps she’ll be the next Legally Blonde musical star – anything is possible.  

Eunjung must be having fun in such a different role. Let’s hope that those of us living in Korea can find this magazine!

Like, Oh my god! (She’s a valley girl).

Thanks to: Diadems