Seungri Video of his Evening Date Released

Seungri hosted a Valentine’s themed evening date for some select few fans. The fans were actually selected through golden cards which were placed in select albums sold in stores. The dinner arrangments and detail looked amazing and must have been a sureal experience for the lucky few who went to the dinner. It wasn’t just a dinner but also included gifts and a personal photo sesssions with Seungri. Check out the behind the scenes footage of the classy dinner event and recap below.

Evening Date Making Clip + Seungri Thank You Msg

My Album title is a V.V.I.P so I prepared an event in order to service them that way. It’s my first time so I’ve very excited and nervous. A delicious dinner has been prepared, I think that the fans that bought my CD will be very satisfied with it. See you later! (He waves)

 Seungri gets out of the car and heads to the event.

The fans who are attending express their excitement.

He arrives at last. “Among the huge number of albums, you are the ones who bought the albums with the golden card inside of it. Congratulations for becoming the V.V.I.P.! Clap~“

“I would like to have a comfortable and free dinner in a natural atmosphere with all of you guys. Is the dinner ready? Please prepare for the dinner and is this my seat? I feel like I’m Hyun Bin for sitting here.” And he imitates Hyun Bin’s character, Kim Joo Won, from “Secret Garden,” saying the line, “I’m this kind of person. I always eat in kind of setting.”

recapped by Cherryspirit, thanks:)