Onew’s (Shinee) Dangerous Middle Finger

Happy together Season 3 Episode 182 Recap: Part 1

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Happy together started off with a different twist, none of the guests were visible (At first I was like what’s going on @_@?). The guests were hiding inside the bathroom waiting to perform (Just like Shin Bong Sun does every time before she performs on Happy Together). The situation was hilarious because the bathroom was described as being too small to fit in six guests. Then all the guests came out of the bathroom with a bang!

F(x) first came out doing their “New Abo” dance (Gah!!!! Krystal is so cute, and Sulli seemed to have forgot her dance >_<).

Then Onew briefly did the dance for “Ring Ding Ding” (Loved his expression, really enthusiastic and cute)

Then it was DBSK’s turn to do “Why?” (Haha, they were definitely cool but it was kinda funny because of their sauna clothes, keke ^^;)

Onew was sitting on the line where all the Emcee’s sit and Yoo Jae Seok joked that Onew was now an official Emcee of Happy Together (It was the first time there were six guests on Happy Together, and Onew probably had to move to the Emcee line to fit in). Park Mi Sun asked if F(x) and Onew had come to cheer on DBSK. Yoo Jae Seok asked F(x) and they gave no reply (haha). He commented that F(x) was trying to get into the spotlight, rather than merely cheer on DBSK. Luna objected, “No! We came to cheer on DBSK oppas” and the Emcees replied “It’s too late to respond that way now” (>_< keke). Shin Bong Sun told everyone that Onew had come in order to take one of the Emcee’s seats (Become a regular Emcee on Happy Together).

This was DBSK’s second time on Happy Together, the female Emcee’s exclaimed that DBSK had grown up and were very good looking. Shin Bong Sun also explained that Park Mi Sun had gotten laser treatment for her skin after hearing DBSK would be appearing. Yet, this was F(x)’s first appearance on Happy Together.

Luna had looked forward to appearing on Happy Together. She explained that when she was thirteen she appeared on a show that Yoo Jae Seok was emceeing and she did a wave dance. Unfortunately, Yoo Jae Seok didn’t recognize her after she had joined F(x). Onew requested that she show everybody the wave dance she did when she was thirteen, and all the Emcees began to panic (The joke that ran throughout the day was that Onew was the better Emcee, and he did pretty well in my humble opinion �de42 ). The emcees also commented that they were losing the spotlight because Onew was so skilled with his reactions (Especially his big and cute laugh!)

Then Yoo Jae Seok focused on DBSK. Yoo Jae Seok asked DBSK how it felt coming back (reappearing on TV) after two years and three months. Yunho joked “After two years, I never imagined that Onew had become so big.” (LOL, I didn’t realize it before but Onew’s character is similar to Daesung from Big Bang, ^^;) Changmin explained that in the past Onew was just a cute little brother who was very polite, but now Onew is very confident and more mature (He treats DBSK like friends rather than older brothers). Yoo Jae Seok joked that soon Onew would be making them dance too (Haha this was a funny joke playing with the younger brother/ older brother concept in Korea. You see, in South Korea respect for elders is very important but that ideal extends to people who are only one year apart, the joke was funny because although Onew is younger, Shinee has become famous and DBSK joked that they were being outshined and losing the spotlight)

Park Mi Sun explained that Changmin had become extremely manly. Yunho explained that Changmin was starting to become more aware of his looks (Changmin is starting to dress up, and also work out on his own). Onew stole the emcee’s comment and said “I bet you’d feel very content” (All the emcees complained that they were losing out on comments).

Yoo Jaesuk asked F(x) how they felt appearing on Happy Together for the first time. Sulli tried to describe how she felt, but because she was nervous she ended up stuttering a bit. Sulli explained that her mother was extremely happy when Yoo Jae Seok had said that he liked Sulli. Then Park Mi Sun asked when Yoo Jae Seok had explained that he liked Sulli since a year and a half ago, then Luna commented that F(x) hadn’t been around for an year and a half (Haha, Yoo Jae Seok was caught in a trap!)

Yoo Jae Seok then asked Krystal if she had prepared for her appearance on Happy Together, but she didn’t reply and seemed confused. (Haha Yoo, Jae Seok was actually staring at Sulli instead, and this upset Krystal T_T, this was a joke showing how much Yoo Jae Seok is interested in Sulli).

Park Mi Sun asked Luna if she had any thoughts about Happy Together so far, and Luna confessed that she didn’t know that the Happy Together set was actually a real sauna. The emcees commented that Luna seemed to be a “talk show” natural because of her posture. Park Mi Sun then asked Yunho if he was nervous because his hoobaes (SM underclassmen sort of @_@).

Yunho replied “Yes I’m extremely scared of them” (Implying that he was scared of losing the spotlight, everyone laughed). Changmin also commented “Yes this gathering is a lot more uncomfortable than I thought it would be.” (It was a joke that also played on the older brother/ younger brother concept, because Changmin should be feeling comfortable appearing with younger guests who are also a part of SM).

Sulli then explained that since she was an SM trainee she had liked Yunho (She began when she was in fifth grade). But, Yunho was always bit cold to her, and Changmin always greeted Sulli warmly (Now she likes Changmin better). Then Yoo Jae Seok was going to ask Krystal a question but called her Jessica from SNSD (Krystal is Jessica’s younger sister). Krystal confessed that she first saw Yunho when her older sister Jessica was a trainee, and she didn’t like his style (Yunho had long front hair with bangs). But, the more Krystal saw Yunho she thought he was cool.

It was Luna’s turn, and she said that she liked Yunho at first because he gave out a bad-boy vibe, but the more she got to know Yunho, he was a very warm person. The Emcee’s said that Luna would probably like Park Myeong-Su because he was a bad-boy.

Then the emcee’s started to talk about Yunho’s first impression, and described that he appeared very cold. Changmin was asked about his first impression of Yunho and Changmin confessed that he didn’t like Yunho at first. Changmin told the story that when Yunho and Changmin didn’t know each other that well, YUnho had said “If you’re going to leave eventually, then you should just leave right now.”

Then Yunho was asked about how he treats girls that he is interested in. Yunho confessed that he acts very cold at first but when he thinks that “this girl should be mine” he begins to open up. Luna clapped at the part when Yunho said “this girl should be mine” (Which in Korean, also means that this girl is mine) and all the Emcee’s laughed. Changmin then proceeded to talk about Yunho, and said that although his appearance was a bad-boy image, but he’s actually cute in real life. Yunho did a brief demonstration of how he acts frivolous and cute (He usually mixes in his Kwangju dialect style of Korean).

Yoo Jae Seok asked Onew when he became a trainee, and Onew replied that it was at the age of eighteen. Park Mi Sun commented that Onew was probably popular amongst the SM trainees. Sulli and Krystal confessed that they thought he was attractive because of his singing skills. But Krystal went on to explain that because Onew was so funny, she started to see him as a close friend (who is like an older brother). Luna was waiting for her turn to speak. Luna explained “I like Onew’s voice, Onew was also the top of his class in terms of studying, Onew is good looking, Onew has good manners” so she thought to herself “Onew is a suitable bridegroom.”

Then Yoo Jae Seok asked what kind of dongseng “younger brother, or younger trainee” Onew was like in real life. Yunho explained that they did a type of candid camera (set up a scenario and pulled a prank on Onew) to Onew. Some of the SM stars acted like they were fighting and Onew stepped in crying that they should all stop fighting. Then F(x) members exclaimed that Shinee members also pulled that prank on them (Haha sounds like fun).

Then Park Mi Sun asked about Sully’s nickname which was “Giant Baby.” The reason she had such a nickname was because she was tall, she was 169 centimeters. Onew explained that one nickname that Shinee gave her was “Sulliver.” Yoo Jae Seok laughed profusely, and he suddenly exclaimed “Oh my, even I am laughing at Onew’s joke, he’s a really funny guy” (Him and Park Myeong-Su once again looked very wary and worried)

The subject moved on to the guests and their family. Changmin explained that he has two younger sisters. Yoo Jae Seuk asked, “Since you’re a popular celebrity, I bet your sisters are very happy?” Changmin replied, “yeah they like it but I always feel sorry for them because they’re known to their friends as Changmin’s little sister (My sister also had to go through this in high school, her identity was shadowed by mine, BWAHAHAHA).


Then Shin Bong Sun commented, “I think it’s usually sad to be a sibling of a celebrity,” and started talking about how her older sister used to hide the fact that Shin Bong Sun was her sister because she was so embarrassed. “There was this one time when my sister and her boyfriend were coming over to see me. Shin Bong Sun’s sister began to tell her boyfriend that her younger sister was a celebrity. Shin Bong Sun’s sister’s boyfriend didn’t believe her saying “Yeah right! If your sister is a celebrity, mine is Lee Hyo Ri.” (Sadly enough that day was also April Fools) Shin Bong Sun’s sister continued to tell the truth but the boyfriend said “Yeah Right! Who is your sister, Shin Bong Sun?? (KEKEKEKEKE, so funny and sad T_T).


Then Yoo Jae Seok began to ask Krystal about SNSD’s Jessica. He jokingly asked, “So what does your sister do?” and Krystal replied “She’s a singer.” Everyone acted shocked, remarking, “REALLY?,” “don’t lie,” Shin Bong Sun exclaimed “Whatever! Then my sister is Lee Hyo Ri!!”


Luna has one older brother and a twin sister. She said that her brother is a student majoring in composing and her twin sister is a student majoring in singing. (Wow, what a musically talented family!)

Luna stated that Onew’s middle finger flick really hurts. The emcees wanted to see how much it hurt for themselves and they played “rock scissors papers”. (Not such a good idea!) Yoo Jae Seok lost and Onew appeared very sorry, claiming, “Aw it’s the first time I’ve met you in person, I can’t do this” and Yoo Jae Seok replied, “No it’s ok. Stuff like this is more fun when you do it when meeting somebody for the first time.” (Yoo Jae Seok also exclaimed, “Hey I’ve been hit by Kang Hodong before, this shouldn’t be that bad” LOL)


As a warm up, Onew tried to break a gourd with his middle finger flick (Yoo Jae Seok was in shock). Onew confessed, “I used to crack walnuts with my finger…” Onew continued, “Well I used to but it’s been a while since I’ve done it,” and Yoo Jae Seok exclaimed “Whatever” (But Onew actually broke a walnut with his deadly flick -_-;;;;;;;)


Yoo Jae Seok starting to complain to the production team, “Why didn’t you tell me able this?” then to Luna “Why didn’t you tell me that he can crack a walnut with this finger?” The other cast members grabbed Yoo Jae Seok so he couldn’t run away.

SMACK! Yoo Jae Seok nearly cried complaining, “Why didn’t you tell me that his hit was this strong?” Onew then went on to say, “I’m really sorry to say this, but that was a weak hit.” (@_@) The next victim was Park Myeong-Su. 

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