Se7en’s first overseas promotion for Digital Bounce

It was forecasted that there would be heavy rains in Singapore over the last 4 days when Se7en was due in Singapore but support from ardent fans and Se7en’s sunny smiles chased away the gloom!

Soompi was honored to be invited to cover the press conference that took place just two hours before the showcase on February 19. Se7en who just touched down in Singapore on the night before, was generous with his smiles and answered all the questions fielded to him. Let’s find out what’s keeping him busy these days!

The host kicked off the press conference asking Se7en what brought him back to Singapore. “Actually last November right? Was it? (turning to his translator) I just came to Singapore, that was my first time here in Singapore to perform but this time, I don’t know… after my album promotion in Korea, I decided to come to some Asian countries to promote my album and this is my first country that I’m promoting my Digital Bounce album so I’m very excited.”

Se7en handled most questions himself by answering in English and rarely turned to the translator for help. Its clear how spending three years in the States could improve his capability to express himself in a foreign language.

Digital Bounce marks the return of Se7en to the Korean music scene after a long time away in the States. Se7en replied to a reporter’s question that he was neither nervous nor worried that fans are no longer there for him. Instead, he was excited and likes that kind of feeling.

When asked about his collaboration with T.O.P, Se7en said they used to hang out for a long time and have known each other for 6, 7 years and being in the same office, they were always thinking of having a collaboration or making a single together. It was a very good experience for him.

A reporter praised Se7en for his braveness and honesty to make public his relationship with Park Han Byul, and asked what it was like now to have an open relationship. Se7en described that his relationship with Park Han Byul was just like any other dating couples in Korea, but they are still not comfortable to be seen going out together.

Meanwhile, a lot of fans were curious if Se7en has found his wallet. The question drew a very cute answer from Se7en, “Not really, sorry!”

The showcase that was later held at St. James Power Station was warmly attended by about 400 fans. Se7en opened the stage with Digital Bounce and went on to treat the fans to power-packed dance tracks like, “I’m Going Crazy,” “La La La,” and “Better Together” from his latest album. How could fans not ask for more when he left the stage after just four songs! After a persistent chant for an encore song, Se7en took to the stage again with “Passion,” a hit from his second Korean album.

Soompi was also there at the Meet & Greet session where Se7en signed autographs for fans (he even wrote their names on the album!) and took group pictures with them.

Check this gallery for more pictures from the Press Conference.

Check this gallery for more pictures from the Meet & Greet.

Many thanks to Warner Music Singapore for giving us the opportunity to cover all these events!