Big Bang Teaser Breakdown [Updated with Final Teaser]

The final teaser for the Big Bang comeback was released! (It contains each member’s star which makes up the Big Bang comeback skull, really cool!)

(Below is the teaser for each individual member)

Look up into the sky and you might be able to see the Big Bang stars. The Big Bang teaser starts off with the words in bold “BIG BANG is BACK.” The teaser as a whole contains stellar imagery. On the teaser each BigBang member has their own star that is part of a constellation.

Each member sings/raps a portion of their song for their separate teasers that highlight their personalities.


G-Dragon “Such a Beautiful Night”

Seungri “A scarred breakup is scary”

(The Korean word for breakup, “eebyul” also contains the word “byul” that means star)

Daesung “Under the moonlight”

Taeyang “To (Under) the moonlight that illuminates me.”

T.O.P “Such a Beautiful Night”

Every teaser has a common melody played by different instruments or mixtures of different sounds. G Dragon and Seungri’s teaser had the melody played by synthesizer sounds. (These sounds are common in G Dragon or Seungri’s songs) Taeyang’s teaser had the melody with a variation of electronic sounds. Daesung’s teaser had the most variation with the starting beats featuring a clap sound and the melody played by a guitar. Daesung has had “Trot” singles and usually his singing is described as being “Gusuhae.” (The Korean word for pleasant, that gives you a slight country feeling). T.O.P’s teaser combined all of these sounds. Overall the teaser makes you intrigued as to what kind of concept Big Bang will portray through their title song “Tonight” and splashes you with a hint of nostalgic childhood wonder.

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