Yonghwa "Let Me Give You a Butt Massage"

The episode of “We Got Married” started off with Seohyun continuing her snowboarding lesson with Yonghwa (She was having a hard time with going down the slope backwards). Yonghwa continued his relentless lesson and Seohyun was having a difficult time, often falling forward.

Seohyun commented “Something is strange, the ground keeps calling me” (A cute joke saying that the ground is asking her to fall over) and Yonghwa acted angry banging his fist on the mountainside. (^^ keke;;) Yonghwa tried to provoke Seohyun, “Look even a little kid is doing so well on this intermediate course” and Seohyun replied “Aww so cute.” Yonghwa exclaimed “This isn’t the time to say somebody else is cute!!!!”

Seohyun asked if she could have a short one minute break.

For the 1:1 interview Seohyun explained that learning how to slide backwards was extremely difficult. She felt like she was a “roly poly.” For his 1:1 interview Yonghwa confessed that while he was watching the other snowboarders he was angry and frustrated because he wanted to compete with them and show off his skills. Yet, when he looked at his wife Seohyun he would change his mind (Aww, soft spot again!).

After the break, Seohyun began to start again but she was doing a lot better (Yonghwa was still relentless >_<). Yonghwa asked Seohyun who the best snowboarder was amongst SNSD. Seohyun replied that it was Hyoyeon. Then Yonghwa said that he would make Seohyun the best snowboarder on SNSD. She said “Yeay” (She wasn’t excited at all, lol). Seohyun improved even more! (She really picks up new things fast).

Finally it was time for the two to take a break, so they went to go eat their late lunch. Yonghwa ordered udon and Seohyun ordered ramen. Both of them were thoroughly enjoying their meal. Yonghwa asked Seohyun, “My teaching style is too Spartan, no?” Seohyun replied sarcastically “I think you are the best.” (The reason why Yonghwa was so hard on Seohyun is because he also was actually taught snowboarding with a Spartan method)

Yonghwa confessed that many of the people he tried to teach snowboarding had given up. Seohyun commented that Yonghwa is a “Tiger Teacher” (Korean explanation: )

It was time for Seohyun to complete her lesson by doing the complete “S” turn. Before they began their lesson, Yonghwa told Seohyun “If you succeed at doing a full turn, I’ll grant one of your wishes.” (This really caught Seohyun’s attention) Seohyun had several tries and tripped but she never gave up. Yonghwa eventually showed Seohyun how to do the “S” turn himself.

In her 1:1 interview, Seohyun described learning the “S” turn as being a “Whole New World.” She couldn’t figure out what she was doing wrong or how to proceed. When it was darker Yonghwa said “Let’s give up now.” Seohyun felt sorry because Yonghwa didn’t get a chance to snowboard by himself (The slope was closing down >_<). Yonghwa exclaimed “You’ve lost our bet” and right afterwards he began to snowboard for real and show off some of his skills. Yonghwa dashed down the slope while doing turns and jumps. At the last moment, Seohyun suddenly finished the first part of her “S turn” but she tripped at the second part (>_<). When the lesson was nearing its end Yonghwa said “Good job, you improved a lot.” Once it got a bit darker Yonghwa was helping out Seohyun and they looked extremely cute together.

They returned back to their condo (Lodging House). Yonghwa and Seohyun changed into yellow clothes making them look like baby chicks. Seohyun joked that she was a tired baby chick. They both went into the room and lied down and exclaimed how good it felt to be resting. Yonghwa asked Seohyun to give him a massage. Seohyun complained that she was sore all over and all Yonghwa did was shout at her.

Seohyun said that her butt was sore (Because she was falling down all day) and Yonghwa asked “Want me to give you a butt massage?” (The female commentators complained that Yonghwa was being sneaky and devious while the male commentators were protecting Yonghwa saying that he was only trying to help out Seohyun)

Then Seohyun began to stretch. In the middle of it, she crept forward close to Yonghwa and asked, “Oppa, since I tried so hard today, could you please grant my wish?” Yonghwa silently said (In his tough guy tone), “You lost the bet…” Seohyun said, “Still.,.” and Yonghwa replied “No.. I am a strict man.” (But Yonghwa was still curious as to what Seohyun’s wish was) Yonghwa said “Ok, well let’s hear what kind of wish you have first.” Seohyun teased Yonghwa saying that she wouldn’t tell unless he granted that wish. She began to silently stretch and Yonghwa caved in because he was so curious.

The next scene was of the couple cooking together. Yonghwa was cooking “Samgyubsal” (Korean style pork barbecue). Seohyun exclaimed that “You need to eat lots of vegetables! I am going to make the vegetables the main dish of our dinner.”

While Seohyun was cutting the onions she kept talking to herself, “Oh my, I’m so sad, I’m so sad (T_T).” She was pulling a prank on Yonghwa because the onions were making her cry. Yonghwa seemed to be good at cooking meat because it looked delicious! It looked like they used microwave rice instead of cooking their own (But they didn’t even cook the microwave rice properly, it’s really easy to do!) Seohyun commented “I think we suck at cooking rice” and Yonghwa replied “What do you mean we?…” Seohyun talked about the first rice Yonghwa had cooked and he admitted “Yeah.. I sucked back then.”

Then Seohyun said she would make a wrap for Yonghwa (When Koreans eat barbecue they wrap the meat in lettuce and often add onions, garlic, and rice etc.) but she was adding in a lot of onions and garlic! (>_<) Yonghwa exclaimed that it was her turn next. (He still had a worried expression)

The really large wrap fit into Yonghwa’s mouth, and keeping up with his tough guy image he didn’t complain at all (The other emcees commented that Yonghwa’s mouth was a large cabinet!) It was Seohyun’s turn to eat Yonghwa’s wrap and she tried to get out of the situation by saying “I’m full already.” Yonghwa started his wrap by putting breaking a pepper in half (>_<) and he put in a lot of onions and garlic. The large wrap also fit inside Seohyun’s mouth (All the emcees were surprised).

It must have been extremely spicy because Seohyun was screaming. Then the goguma couple started to joke around by breathing heavily and blowing air so that the other person would have to smell their garlic breath.

After eating dinner the Goguma couple seemed rejuvenated. Yonghwa asked Seohyun with his tough guy accent “What is your wish?” and Seohyun finally answered, “It’s going to be fun! I want you to be in the wife’s role.” She was going to make Yonghwa cross-dress by putting makeup on him! (In his one-on-one interview, Yonghwa commented that he didn’t understand why women enjoyed making men put on makeup and cross-dress) Yonghwa began to pull a tantrum and acted like he was crying.

Then Seohyun began Yonghwa’s transformation! After Seohyun was finished, Yonghwa took a look in the mirror and he was screaming. Seohyun started to call Yonghwa “Big Sister” and Yonghwa put her in a headlock.

In the one-on-one interview, Yonghwa was asked what he thought of Seohyun’s looks up close. Yonghwa described Seohyun as having lots of “cute fat” and that her eyes were very cute. When Seohyun was asked what she thought of Yonghwa, she answered that Yonghwa had large eyes and was a bit feminine. She went on saying that Yonghwa was more cute than manly. Yonghwa began to make girly faces (@_@).

Then Yonghwa started to make Seohyun have a boyish look. (But he didn’t do much besides pulling her hair back)

They took a picture together, switching their gender roles.

(Hope you guys enjoyed this recap ^_^, the preview for the next episode showed the Goguma couple doing a wedding shot!!)