Eat Your Kimchi Reviews G.NA’s "Black & White"

This week for K-Pop Music Monday (yes, we are totally late in posting this, and we’re sorry), Eat Your Kimchi reviews G.NA’s “Black & White” MV. We’re posting it because it’s funny. We’re also posting it because (please don’t kill us) we actually agree with Simon and Martina’s analysis of G.NA’s character in the MV! Disconnecting the line when your boyfriend’s talking on the phone, blasting music when he’s playing guitar, dancing in front of the TV when he’s trying to watch a show? We were pretty sure we were alone in being the only people to find this behavior totally weird, as opposed to cute, so we were kind of relieved to learn that at least Eat Your Kimchi doesn’t think we’re crazy! Whew!

We’re really looking forward to next week, when fangirl Martina gets to review Big Bang’s new song!


Source: Eat Your Kimchi