Kim Ki Bum Clarifies Issue on Leaving U-Kiss Idol Group!

After the announcement of Alexander and Kim Ki Bum leaving U-Kiss earlier today, the latter has made a more precise statement on this issue. Kim Ki Bum explained in more detail through his twitter account, of what his opinions were on the matter and his hope that fans would understand their decisions on leaving their former idol group. He enlightens his fans even further by stating how grateful he is to have such fans, and how thankful he is for being in the group since that has helped him gain more experience. Check out the former member’s twitter message on leaving the group!

“Hello, it’s U-Kiss’s Kibum. Actually, it’s Kibum who used to be in U-KISS. I’ve been holding this off for 2 months and I finally gathered up some courage to write this. To start with the point, I’ve come to an agreement with my company to end my contract since February 2011. 

They wanted a change of members and I agreed to it. Since that day I was not part of U-KISS any longer. It’s not at all like many people think. I didn’t quit because of my company nor because I lost interest in U-KISS. 

I held U-KISS as the best and I made sure that the character company never got in the way of U-KISS promotions. I thought of U-KISS as more than family and I’m disappointed to leave them like this. But I’m lacking in many points and I respect my former company’s decision to switch members. 

Of course it seems so sudden but I learned so much and I was able to meet so many people including the U-KISS members and I’m thankful. 

I’m sad because the people that used to love me may be hurt by these few lines. I’m planning to be on broadcast by myself for a while. I’m thankful to all the people who cheer me on no matter what. I’ll be back as the Kim Kibum who is a TV personality as well as a businessman. 

Thank you.”

Credit: Kim Ki Bum’s Twitter Account