[Exclusive] Pre-Album Review “What is Right” by Soompi

Exclusive by Soompi, “What is Right” (Track #5)

Lyrics by: G-Dragon, Written by: G-Dragon, DJ MURF and Peejay, Arranged by: DJ MURF and Peejay

                Additional rap written by T.O.P

The 5th track, “What is Right,” is one that we can all relate to and again it is unlike the other songs on the album as it has a unique rock/pop style.  The song is based on the issues couples go through in a relationship with the main phrase in the song, “What is right, what is wrong,” staying true to its words.  We never know what we are doing in a relationship is right or wrong, finally someone has written a song about it, perfect!  The song opens with spoken words, “When you’ve lost a love you don’t know what to do,” and continues by fading into a rock/pop style vocal and melody mix.  This piece like “Café” has soft instrumental part but is accompanied by strong vocals.  The “What is right, what is wrong” is like a chant but follows the rock beat of the song to perfection.  Intermittent between these chants are the vocals and raps of GD and TOP, each singing individually.  The style of having various vocal parts by individuals followed by vocal sections with the group is seen in all the songs.  This is though what makes any group, they all have their amazing talents and work together in harmony.    


This was one of my favorites because I didn’t expect Big Bang to sing in such a style and it was great.  Even after I left YG Entertainment I was still humming the tune and singing “What is right, what is wrong.”  The mixture of a rock/pop style is a perfect match.  Think of a mixture between the singers Avril and Justin Timberlake, then add 100% of amazing and you get this song, bam!  I love the strong focus on the vocals, TOP’s and GD’s rapping sets, while again picking the perfect instrumental tune to make the song whole.  Bravo!!! 

YG Entertainment comments:

“What is right” and “cafe” reflect Big Bang’s deeper musical depth. It has a simple rock sound but Big Bang’s varying vocal cords make it easy for fans to listen to. Each member’s distinct style meets this new sound to create a completely new music. It repeats “What is right and what is wrong” throughout the song but depending on how you hear it, the song can feel sad or exciting.  For those who think today’s pop songs are way too complicated, What is Right will offer a simple and emotional feel.

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