Miss A’s Min Had an "American Boyfriend"


On tvN “Hyunjang Talkshow Taxi” (On-Site Talkshow Taxi) Miss A’s Min, Fei, and Jia visited the “Dream High” filming site in order to cheer on the youngest member Suzy. Min has always been known for being very frank and she didn’t disappoint.

Min confessed that while she was training for JYP in the U.S, she was dating an American boyfriend. She explained “He was a really cute guy with a hip-hop style.” (When she says “American boyfriend” I think the Korean media is making a big deal out of it because the boyfriend was non-Korean. I could be completely wrong, we’ll see soon!)


Min also confessed that she had a hard time because of the mandatory diet she had when she was a trainee. She also admitted, “I always snuck in hamburgers in my bag.”


The debut behind story for each Miss A member and the more detailed story behind Miss A’s “American Boyfriend” will be revealed tonight (Korean time).


[source: tvdaily.mk.co.kr, www.independent.co.kr]