Big Bang Comes Back with a Bang!

Big Bang finally returned as a group Friday night through their “Big Show 2011” concert. Marking their official comeback in over two years, Big Bang performed a total of 24 tracks live, including five from their new mini album, in front of a 14,000 tightly packed audience.

“We’re finally back after 2 years and 3 months. It was a long two-plus years for us,” G-Dragon told the pumped up crowd. “I’m glad we’re able to put on a great performance in front of you all, and since you waited for us for so long, we’ll make sure to be with you throughout the whole year. We trained a lot for you and now we’re fully recharged. I hope you don’t get exhausted!”

The boys performed “Tonight,” “What is Right,” “Café,” “Somebody to Love,” and “Hands Up” from their new mini album, as well as acoustic versions of their previous hit singles, “Haru Haru,” “Lies,” and “Last Farewell.” They also gave solo performances as Seung Ri sang “VVIP” and “How Come” from his solo album, and Dae Sung gave a live performance of his unreleased solo track, “Baby Don’t Cry,” for the first time. GD & TOP of course didn’t disappoint as they gave performances of “Knock Out” and “Oh Yeah!” Park Bom also made a surprise guest appearance for “Oh Yeah!”, sending the fans into a complete frenzy.

Not only that, the members also showed a pre-recorded video of a parodied version of drama “Secret Garden.” Titled “Secret Big Bang,” the clip showed Seung Ri dressed as Oska, TOP as Kim Joo Won, GD as Gil Ra Im, Taeyang as Im Jong Soo, and Daesung in a dual role of Secretary Kim and the mother Moon Bunhong.

The three hour long concert was a complete, massive theater for everyone in the crowd. Each of the members would randomly show up in the middle of the crowd, surprising many unsuspecting fans, and the choreography and live singing were totally in sync. Their unique fashion items were once again a giant hit and the stage effects were also spectacular.

Big Bang’s “Big Show 2011” will continue for two more days until Sunday night. Soompi writers have also been invited to the event so we’ll be releasing our own “Only Soompi Review of the Concert” by tomorrow night. There’s still a lot more to come!