“Dream High” Spoiler?

Park Jin Young, producer-turned-actor of JYP Entertainment, has just posted a spoiler photo from what looks like a scene from the final episode of KBS drama “Dream High.” On his Twitter page, JYP wrote, “Does that photo make you want to see the 16th episode?”

In the photo, JYP is seen in a chef’s outfit, holding a Chinese restaurant’s metal delivery box. He seems to be fighting off two police officers, each played by 2PM’s Wooyoung and miss A’s Jia. Also in the back, miss A’s Suzy is seen with a cute, victory pose.

Following the release of this photo, netizens seem both curious and confused as they wrote, “Could this be a spoiler?” “Why is Jason a police officer?” “What did JYP do wrong?” This photo, according to local media, at least gives some hint to how the drama will end. The fact that Wooyoung, who plays the role of a gifted musician, is wearing a police officer outfit could possibly mean he gave up his dream as a top singer.

KBS “Dream High” has been a massive hit, taking the top TV rating spot on Monday and Tuesday nights for nearly two months. The 16th and final episode will be aired on Feb. 28th (Monday) at 10PM (Korea time).