Jaejoong’s Pre-Debut Street Interview with his Girlfriend

JYJ member Jaejoong’s pre-debut street interview video is attracting the attention of netizens again.

The video was first revealed three years ago, but like most topics in the media, the spark of interest seems to have returned. The interview was done when Jaejoong was still in high school. When he was asked what he wanted to do upon entering college, he replied, “I want to go to a night club. I want to hang out for all the times I couldn’t.”

It can be seen in the video clip that Jaejoong had very noticeably fair skin as well as a tall stature. Throughout the interview, Jaejoong had his arm around the shoulder of a girl who seems to have been his girlfriend.

Viewers have commented, “Girlfriend?”, “He has exceptional looks,” and “He was pretty before his debut. What plastic surgery?”

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pre-debut interview on the street

Source: Naver News