New Albums And Singles Preview – 2011 February Week 4

Super Junior M Vol. 2 Perfection (released)


01 Perfection – Korean Version

02 Perfection

03 Destiny

04 Love is Sweet

05 Off My Mind

06 True Love

07 My All Is In You

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Super Junior M returns this month with a new mini album titled, “Perfection.” It’s been a year and five months since their last mini album, “Super Girl.” The boys come around this time with existing members, Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Henry, Zhoumi, as well as two new members Eunhyuk and Sungmin. The album comes with the title track “Perfection,” of the dance genre along with “Off My Mind,” composed by Henry himself and “True Love,” penned by Zhoumi. There are a total of six Chinese tracks as well as a bonus Korean version of “Perfection” in the Korean album. The album is already available in both online and offline stores in China and Taiwan.


5Dolls – Charming Five Girls (released)


01 I Mean You

02 Lip Mark

03 Trickle

04 Show-off

05 Wait a Minute

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5Dolls, a female subunit of the rising idol group, CO-ED, joins hands with Jo Young Soo, The Brave Brothers, and other famous producers for their first mini album, “Charming Five Girls.” There are two title tracks in this album – pop dance numbers “I Mean You” and “Lip Mark.” The former was composed by Jo Young Soo and has country styled guitar, addictive bass, and synth sounds. The latter song was composed by the Brave Brothers and has strong beats with exciting electric piano sounds. Both are expected to garner much interest.


MBLAQ – Blaq Style 3D Edition (released)

01 Sad Memories

02 Again

03 Can’t Go Back

04 You

05 Stay

06 Cry

07 Darling

08 Throw Away

09 Rust

10 Tonight

11 Wish You Weren’t Like That

12 You’re My +

13 Rolling U

14 Oh Yeah (C-Luv & Blue Magic Remix)

15 Y (JR Groove Remix)

16 Different Start (Outro)

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MBLAQ returns with a 3D Edition album with a new titled track, “Again.” The song is a strong dance number with synth sounds and fast beats. Fans can see the boys’ manly side through this hip-hop R&B track. Aside from “Again” are two other new tracks, “Can’t Go Back” and “You.” The former song is a medium tempo number composed by member G.O himself. Mir has also helped pen the lyrics, upgrading it to another level. The latter song on the other hand was composed by Chungdoong and arranged by top composer Kim Tae Wan.


Wax (single) – Hole in My Heart (released)

01 Hole in My Heart

02 Hole in My Heart INST

The queen of ballads, Wax makes a comeback with a digital single, “Hole in My Heart.”This medium-tempo number was composed by rookie composer Kim Bum Joo and is about a woman who feels like there’s a hole in her heart after a breakup. The singer is able to showcase her vocal skills and bring the lyrics to life.


The One, KCM (single) – Two Men’s Story (released)

01 Two Men’s Story

02 Two Men’s Story INST

Two men, The One and KCM come together to tell a sad tale. Many people may be familiar with The One who is a skilled singer known for vocal training various idol singers. KCM on the other hand is also acknowledged and widely credited for his singing talents. The two meet for a single titled, “Two Men’s Story,” a sad and emotional ballad composed and penned by KCM himself.


Other releases:

Nickea – Girl on the Bridge (released)

Jaylogic – The Birth of the Youth (March 2)

Tete – Romantico (March 3)

President OST (March 3)

Na Yoon Sun – Vol. 3 Down By Love (March 3)

Park Jun Hyuk – Vol. 2 Human Life (March 3)

Stiffback – Hazy Memory (March 3)

J Rabbit – It’s Spring (March 3)


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