Big Bang “Big Show 2011” Style Review

Following the release of their first mini album in over two years, Big Bang held a three day concert titled “2011 Big Show” at the Olympic Gymnasium Hall in Seoul from Feb. 25th to 27th. With over 14,000 fans packing the stadium, Big Bang put on a 3 hour extravaganza. But this time it wasn’t just their new tracks that caught the eyes of fans—it was their new fashion style that impressed many.


Kicking off the concert with the high notes of “Hands Up,” Big Bang showed up with a black and white outfit. It was quite different from their original style and because of the strong lighting, it might have looked a bit too simple, but the boys pulled it off flawlessly by using glossy material and bead decorations.

The second part of the concert consisted of individual stages. Seung Ri who released a solo album most recently got the first start. Seung Ri too went with a black and white color, but this time it didn’t have the glossy surface and it matched the overall styling of his elegant performance. His glowing outfit upgraded the performance to a more complete, almost epic-like musical show. During his second performance, Seung Ri again wore a glossy, fluorescent type of material, fitting the show’s overall flashy atmosphere.

Tae Yang decided to go red. It was the perfect choice to enhance his masculine image. Dae Sung showcased for the first time his unreleased solo track, “Baby Don’t Cry.” He attempted a change in style with this emotional, slow ballad, and his classic suit matched the change he had in mind.

G-Dragon and TOP’s stage was by far the most colorful. Each member wore the same style of suits, only with completely opposite colors, allowing their distinct styles to be more apparent. G-Dragon gave a funky and lighter look through his yellow suit, bow tie, and fur scarf around his neck. On the other hand, TOP put on a fur scarf around his shoulder and wore a regular neck tie for a more toned down look. As a result, as much as their rapping style and tone differ, their fashion sense looked completely different too. That was clear on the actual stage too as it was TOP who controlled the overall tone and composure, while G-Dragon pumped up the volume by just being everywhere, jumping around the whole stage.

After the individual performances, Big Bang returned as a group wearing sweaters with their faces imprinted on. For their new mini album tracks, all the members mixed and matched black, gold, and red colors. In particular, the skirt outfit that G-Dragon and Seung Ri sported during the stage was truly “unconventional.” TOP’s suit, Tae Yang and Dae Sung’s t-shirt were all different in design, but had some sort of unity in its color and structure.

Stage costumes tend to be limited in style, but Big Bang somehow finds a way to perfectly translate each member’s distinct characteristics through their outfits. That’s probably why Big Bang is called “Fashionista” or “Stylish-Idols” by many. To Big Bang, fashion is already a major part of their performance.

Original article written by @alice; Translated by @eugenekim222; Photos by YG Entertainment

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