Goo Hara and Hyomin’s Rendezvous at Cafe Reported By Fans Through Influx of Tweets

A massive influx of tweets have reported that Goo Hara of Kara and Hyomin of T-ara were seen together at a café.

The tweets of the images read as follows: 
“Guys, I just saw Goo Hara and Hyomin. I got their autographs. kkkkk ”

“Came to a café and Goo Hara and Hyomin are right in front of me @.@”

“Gu Hara and Hyomin are studying Japanese together right behind me. Ohh”

Netizens have said comments such as, “It’s so nice that the two of them still meet up after ‘Invincible Youth’,” “They must be close enough to be able to study Japanese together,” and “Is Hyomin taking care of Hara when she’s down?

Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver