Eat Your Kimchi Reviews Dalmatian’s "That Man Opposed" MV

This week on K-Pop Music Monday, Eat Your Kimchi reviews Dalmatian’s “That Man Opposed” MV. For this dog-friendly video, Simon and Martina bring out the big guns — their adorable puppy, Spudgy! As if that weren’t enough, there’s a lot of goodness in the form of face-punching, cardboard dog food, and chef’s hat accessories! Stay tuned.

The review:


The MV:

Those of you who were expecting Eat Your Kimchi to review Big Bang this week, you weren’t alone! However, it turns out that the MV got released too late for Simon and Martina to review. But fear not — Big Bang will probably appear on Eat Your Kimchi next week!

Source: Eat Your Kimchi, AsianMusicWorldHD@YouTube