Behind the Scene Photos of IU Before Inkigayo

Recently, photos of IU in SBS Inkigayo’s waiting room were uploaded under a section called “Writer’s Diary” on SBS’ homepage. The post was titled “Pure White Ballad Fairy, IU,” and it showed several shots of IU, both candid and posed. 

IU could be seen wearing a simple white dress with her hair styled in a naturally wavy look. Netizens praised her utterly flawless skin and her youthful charm. Fans have commented, “What an angel,” “That smile makes me want to do anything for her,” and “She’s so cute.”

IU has not only received recognition for her exceptional vocals, but also for her role as Kim Pilsuk on the hit idol drama series, “Dream High.” After her success with Good Day,” IU is actively promoting again with her new song,“The Story Only I Didn’t Know.”

How could anyone not love this girl? 

Sources: Paran News | My Daily News via Naver News