G-Dragon Would Take Yoona to a Deserted Island

Strong Heart Episode 65 (2/22/11) Recap Part 1

The special opened up with Seungri’s “What Can I Do” in the background (It’s really catchy) The episode began by introducing Kim Ja Ok (This seems to be the trend on Strong Heart, last week Johnny Yoon was the featured veteran guest).

 G-Dragon was introduced as the fashion terminator and he did a special greet while “Don’t Go Home” was playing in the background. Kang Hodong asked “What kind of concept are your pants?” Lee Seung Gi commented that “Only G-Dragon could pull of that kind of fashion, because if somebody else wore it, it would merely be a loose training” (Training is the word that Koreans use for windbreakers pants or similar looking pants that are just downright comfortable). Comedian Kim Tae Hyun commented “Even if I bought those pants for my mother for a holiday, she wouldn’t wear them.” (>_<) He went on to say “Just looking at the clothes I would say that unemployment for the young generation is a pretty big problem.” (He was joking that G-Dragon’s pants made him look like an unemployed young adult >_<).

Shindong commented that many people would have different thoughts on G-Dragon’s pants but he thought ‘Hmm those pants would fit me.’ (Because it’s hard for Shindong to find pants that fit him because of his *cough* size) Next, Kim Dong Wan was introduced and Kang Hodong commented that he had become manlier after returning from his military service. Kim Dong Wan described himself as a Gong Ik (Military service for Koreans that have physical/mental problems, it is often described as being easier than normal military service) terminator.

Seungri described himself as “Talk Terminator,” but all the other guests were snickering. Hong Kyung Min joked “Are you trying to terminate this broadcast?” Then Seungri said “I have prepared a lot of different talks, so everyone should be anticipating them.” But he didn’t receive any excited responses. (G-Dragon was laughing really hard). Kang Hodong asked Seungri “Do you still believe that you are a talk terminator?” and Seungri replied “Yes, but it seems that things aren’t flowing so well today” (^_~). Seungri was given advice “Since you have a lot of different talents, if you start to talk and it’s not going too well just imitate your boss” (All of the singers associated with YGE are excellent at imitating YG). Seungri replied “I have prepared everything so please relax~!”

Kang Hodong and Lee Seung Gi exclaimed “We heard that there was actually something called the Seungri Academy.” In fact, Seungri had established academies for singing, dancing, and variety show talking. (The moment he said “Talking” everyone laughed >_<). There are academies in Kwangju, Daejun, and even Incheon (These cities are outside of Seoul, Kwangju is Seungri’s hometown).

Hong Kyung Min asked Seungri, why don’t you open up an academy in Seoul, and Seungri replied “My talking skills only work in the countryside. Seungri even teaches the classes himselves. He went on to explain what’s important in talking. Kim Ja Ok asked “Is this person really good at talking? She’s supposed to be the talk terminator, but I’ve been listening to him talk for 20 minutes but he’s not that funny.” She also commented “Seungri is so good looking that I thought he was asking.” (Seungri started to pose). Kang Hodong asked G-Dragon, “Are you sometimes embarrassed of Seungri?” and G-Dragon replied “Not sometimes.” (Kekeke T_T).

Then Kang Hodong asked “What is Seungri like on stage? G-Dragon answered “Seungri is so awesome on stage, but he’s a problem when he’s off stage.” G-Dragon began to talk about one incident when Seungri was doing a microphone test. Seungri was on stage and he said “Check check, Math book, English book” (the Korean word for book sounds like check). Then Seungri asked “Do you like the song?” the fans answered “Yes!” Seungri said “Today was the first day that the song has come out, how would you know, you liars” (Kekek). At the end when Seungri is coming down from stage he always breathes heavily into the microphone. Seungri tried to defend himself saying that he was giving them fan service. So G-Dragon complained, “Then you should be saying things like its cold outside are you ok? But instead, you say stuff like, Was I cool?” Kang Hodong commented that Seungri had made an academy to teach others how to talk well, but G-Dragon’s talk is a lot more fun. Seungri defended himself saying that it was all a part of his strategy (Nobody believed him).

Suddenly Moon Hee Jun appeared (The caption read that he came in late). He explained that he was on a different show and has already spoken a lot so that he won’t talk as much today (This is a part of the character concept for Moon He Jun).

Kang hodong asked everyone about their thoughts about Seungri’s “Microphone Check” joke and comedian Kim Tae Hyun said that he had done the joke before and got beat up for it. Shindong of Super Junior confessed that he did something similar.

Then it was time for Seungri to talk, his chalkboard read “Big Bang goes out to date.” One time during class in college, he was listening to his other classmates, they were talking about a “4:4 meeting” (In Korean colleges, people do group dates). Seungri turned around and said that he wanted to join.

Seungri had a group meeting and the girls were majoring in vocal music. But the girls didn’t recognize Seungri on his first meeting (Seungri was excited because it was his first group meeting, and he thought they would be very surprised at his joining them). Once they were at the meeting, they wanted to start by doing each of their talents as an icebreaker. Seungri imitated Wonbin from the movie “Ahjushee” and Oscar from “Secret Garden.”

The whole atmosphere of the meeting was going downhill but it got worse because one of his friends majoring in acting did a weird joke, and one girl from the other side was singing a song opera style. The oldest one out of them then said let’s just put in harmony, and then everyone was singing a song while harmonizing.

 Seungri went on to explain that he had gone out to the meeting in order to gain more experience rather than find his true love. G-Dragon commented “You’ve had enough experience!”

Lee Seung Gi then asked what Seungri’s ideal girl is, and G-Dragon answered “For Seungri, as long as she’s a girl, she’s the ideal girl for Seungri.” Kim Dong Wan confessed that Shinhwa members never did meetings because they are childish, but only did “hunting” (Pretty much picking up girls on their own).

Kang Hodong asked G-Dragon “After becoming a celebrity have you gone to a meeting?” (Being introduced to girls) and he answered “Yes.” But G-Dragon explained that he doesn’t like being introduced to girls because the girls always say “Last week I met Seungri.” Kim Dong Wan confessed that he also has the same problem because of Jun Jin.

Then the guests began to talk about Shinhwa and how they were actually bad boys (They were hated in their entertainment agency and had a bad reputation as playboys).

It was time for G-Dragon’s turn to speak and his chalkboard read “My name is Gon-Dragon” (Gon is part of the word used in Gondre Mandre, which is an expression to describe that somebody has gotten so drunk that they can’t control themselves). Kim Yong Chul had dressed up as G-Dragon (G-Dragon’s concept for G.D & T.O.P, lol!). Kim Tae Hyun joked that he thought that Kim Yong Chul was an American beggar (T_T).

G-Dragon began to talk about his story. G-Dragon went to a bowling alley that you can drink at and he got drunk because it was his friend’s birthday. G-Dragon got free drinks that were strong because it was his friend’s birthday, and to his recollection he just had fun and got home. However, the next day he got a call from his friend saying “What was wrong with you yesterday?!” G-Dragon couldn’t remember but according to his friend, G-Dragon started to dance because he was drunk.

Then G-Dragon moved to another table where there were girls, he drank their drinks, and danced in front of them. G-Dragon’s friends were surprised and dragged him out.

The problem was that the girls that G-Dragon danced in front of were SNSD (Yoona, Tiffany, Sooyeong, and Hyoyeon)! (>_<). G-Dragon admitted that before he was never that close with SNSD members and because he had been a singer longer he tried to keep his distance (and his cool image).

G-Dragon had to go to an awards ceremony in Japan and SNSD was also there. But, at the ceremony they were giving him the evil eye and talking about him. G-Dragon was extremely embarrassed and wanted to explain that he was drunk and normally nothing like that at all. Then, Kim Dong Wan began his analysis and explained “When people are drunk they act out on their deepest desires. Therefore, G-Dragon always wanted to dance in front of SNSD” (Hahahaa >_<).

Everyone began to tease G-Dragon, and G-Dragon asked Seungri for some help. Seungri began his own investigation by saying “Between those four SNSD members who was it that you were most interested in?” Seungri went on to say that the G-Dragon always remembers everything no matter how drunk he is because he is the team leader. Also, Kim Dong Wan attacked G-Dragon by saying that, on that night G-Dragon wanted to impress one of the SNSD members (G-Dragon was speechless). Kim Dong Wan said that he thinks G-Dragon was using his drunken state in order to propose to someone. All the guests began to lead the conversation and began to add more assumptions making it seem like G-Dragon was trying to confess his feelings to one of the SNSD members. (Kang Hodong loved it). Eunhyuk gave his opinion and said that G-Dragon appeared at the bowling alley knowing that the SNSD members were there. He explained that if any celebrities appear in Kangnam (The hip district in Seoul) then that information spreads like wildfire. Shindong exclaimed “How did G-Dragon remember the names of the SNSD members that were at the bowling alley?!”

Shindong suggested that Strong Heart should hold a “Idea Type World Cup” (Where a contestant has to keep picking out their ideal type among two choices).

Yoona vs Tiffany -> Yoona wins (Seungri was enjoying this choice a little too much ^_^;)

Sooyeong vs Hyoyeon -> Sooyeong (Kang Hodong slipped in “So your love is?” when G-Dragon was making his choice, G-Dragon got up and said “nonono.”

The final round was Seooyeong vs. Yoona (Kang Hodong said that you can only take one of these two people to an unhabituated island, and G-Dragon answered that he would go with Yoona)

Kang Hodong exclaimed that the most suspicious fact was that Seungri’s expression seemed like he already knew that G-Dragon would have chosen Yoona. Seungri said “I think this Ideal Type World Cup needs to be redone with all the SNSD members.”

Then G-Dragon was asked to send a video message to Yoona. At first he stated “Dear Yoona, I don’t know why I’m sending you this message.” Then he began to imitate Y.G and said and told her “I made a big mistake at the bowling alley, but I’m not that kind of guy. At the end, he said that he likes Yoona. Seungri said that what he wanted was for G-Dragon to say “I’m sorry Yoona, but I like Yuri more.” Kang Hodong commented that G-Dragon’s version was better and he said that “Love is white, but friendship doesn’t have a color.” (Everyone exclaimed that Kang Hodong’s words did not fit in). Kim Ja Ok said that she believes that love is purple. G-Dragon said that love is fluorescent (Like his pants). G-Dragon explained “Even though the person you love might be amongst other people, that person will stand out to you.” Kang Hodong joked “Oh, so amongst nine people you can still see your love?” (Implying that G-Dragon’s love is amongst the SNSD members) Then, the subject moved on to Kim Ja Ok and her secret for skin care. Kim Ja Ok said that when she’s busy she doesn’t wash and redo her makeup but just sleeps. 

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