Before and After Photoshop: Kahi’s Latest Album Photo

A parallel photo of After School’s Kahi before and after Photoshop has made its way to the Internet, and netizens are straining to see the difference between the images. The latter photo is included in the booklet for her latest minialbum. As far as we can tell, the left side looks slightly darker than the right… and… that’s it. Seriously? What was the point of Photoshop? Hair, face, body… all the same.

Netizens are commenting, rightly, that Kahi has a really fantastic figure; toned, sleek, and above all, obviously healthy. In terms of physique, Kahi possibly constitutes a safer role model than some others we could name. However, the same netizens also noted that Kahi’s incredibly long limbs are an impossible dream for most. I have to agree, totally unattainable. Sigh!

Source: Nate