[Recap] G-Dragon's One True Love (His Mother ^_^)

Strong Heart Episode 66 (3/01/11) Recap

G-Dragon (Seungri, TOP disappearance, Kim Dong Wan Joke)

Here is the recap for this week’s “Talk Battle!”

Seungri started off by talking about an incident after his appearance last time on Strong Heart. Kang Hodong asked Seungri to come to him and asked Seungri to sit on his lap. Then he started bouncing Seungri up and down saying “Good Job! Good Job! Good Job!”

G-Dragon’s Chalkboard read “Big Bang Disappearance Incident.” Big Bang went on an “MT” to wakeboard (Membership Training, but this is basically a kind of company trip or get-together). The swimming pool would become a club at day. G-Dragon said that Seungri is very good at heating up parties.

Seungri usually likes to go around tables where there are girls (Seungri said that it’s because he’s very curious). They were partying but Seungri disappeared, but as the music Sexyback came out the Big Bang members suddenly heard screams! Seungri was dancing to the song at a different table.

Seungri then started off with an incident involving G-Dragon at a club. G-Dragon was wet with sweat and he wanted to see how the people’s reaction would be at the club. He sat down on the sofa only wearing a wife-beater but because of the way he was sitting down, his nipple was exposed. (^_~).

Another funny incident that Seungri talked about was when T.O.P had a major hangover. One time their manager was trying to wake up T.O.P but he wasn’t answering. He was hung over and hiding in the bathroom, he called the manager “What’s going on? Aren’t we busy today?” and the manager asked “Where are you?” T.O.P answered “I’m at home, I’m in the bathroom!!!”

Kim Dong Wan’s chalkboard read “The girl who left me.” He talked about a stylist whose nickname was “Carp” (or the type of fish that’s like a gold fish). He confessed that he and the other Shinhwa members upset her, and she eventually left (T_T). After his military service Kim Dong Wan admitted that he learned a lot and now he regretted the actions in the past, and did a personal message for “Carp.” Kim Dong Wan told everyone that in 2012 all the Shinhwa members will get together and he promised a comeback. Kim Dong Wan’s “Talk” beat G-Dragon but G-Dragon forgot to give the Strong Heart necklace to Kim Dong Wan (^_^;).

Kim Ja Ok’s chalkboard read “Wheel of Fortune.” She talked about her past and how she began acting. Her parents passed away when she was at a young age. Later, she became successful easily and led a happy life. Yet three years ago she was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. But thank god, her surgery was successful and it seems like she will be fine (My hopeful thoughts). Her son came to watch, and he ended up dancing with G-Dragon!

Before the dance, G-Dragon sent out a message to his mother. For the first time he gave a message to his mother “Mom, this is the first time I’m doing this on T.V, you’re always worried about me, I love you” (G-Dragon cried while he did this, it was very honest and sweet T_T, many guests were crying). G-Dragon “I haven’t called a lot and told you that I love you, I will try to be a good son, I love you.”

Henry also gave out a message to his mother (In English).

Tim’s chalkboard read “I’d rather die than jump!” He talked about an incident where the PDs and Kang Ho Dong had forced him to do bungee jumping although he’s extremely scared of heights (He said that he has acrophobia).

Lee Sun Jin “The Very Dirty Audition.” She talked about an incident where she had a show in France, but she ate her medicine improperly and a fizzling sound was coming from her neck. (She ate medicine that was kind of like alka-seltzer but it was fuzzing in her neck and she had to talk once, making her voice have a weird sound!)

It was time for my favorite part! Teuk Academy! (The highlights are organized below)

After Teuk Academy it was time for Henry’s “Talk.” His chalkboard read “Super Junior Likes Guys.” Henry talked about his culture shock because Korean men are generally very touchy with each other, Henry thought everybody was gay at first (When he saw Heechul he thought that Heechul was a drag-queen). The other Super Junior members commented on their culture shock when Henry arrived because he wasn’t like other Koreans and shook the CEO of SM Entertainment’s hand and said “Hi Mr. Lee.” (In Korea, you have to be way more formal).

Kim Tae Hyun’s chalkboard read “The sadness of having a big head.” He talked about how his head was big when he was little and got stuck in playground bars. Then he had problems because of his big head when he was in the military (Didn’t have a hat that fit him).

Kim Sae Rom’s chalkboard read “The man that used his skills” (Meaning a guy was very cunning and good with girls). She talked about an incident when she met another guy who was as skilled at her when treating girls. But, while they were dating he cheated on her in front of her!

Kim Hye Jin’s chalkboard read “Stay Alive.” She talked about a behind story for Iris. She had a hard time getting her role because at first she was cast as the North Korean spy, then the genius hacker, but finally on the role she got eventually her role security was still questionable. Finally, because her role was so popular, she secured her role. A little later then each agent (In the drama) had to die but once she got that call, she replied “If my character dies then my father will die.” Her father was diagnosed with terminal cancer with three months to live. Her father loved watching Iris and found happiness through his daughter’s role. He focused on her character and bragged to nurses etc. But thankfully (Also miraculously) his father got better! (^_^) She also thanked everyone (Especially the viewers!)

It was time for the final judgment, and Kim Ja Ok’s story won out!


Teuk Academy Highlights (The concept was a Costume Ball)

Eunhyuk’s name was a play on “The Little Prince.” He was “Sick Prince” and Shindong was “Sundaerilla” (A world play on Cinderella but it has the name of a food in the first part).

Kim Dong Wan -> He imitated Yoo Sae Yoon’s Baboon face, then he danced to Dal Shabet’s “Supa Dupa Diva”

Henry -> He played the MBC Logo song on violin but everybody told him to stop because the SBS CEO would get angry (kekekek >_<). Then he danced.

Kim Hye Jin (Omg so pretty, she was on the cast of Iris!”) -> She tried to do a magic trick but her magic hat was malfunctioning (T_T). Then she did a cute dance!

G-Dragon-> At first he showed off his flexibility, then he did his “Eungsuk dance” (Dancing but acting like a cute baby, trying to get a girl’s attention!) It was great!!

Seungri -> He imitated Big Bang members and each of their gestures.

When imitating Taeyang, you grab your belt, and also do a little hop (This was funny)

When imitating T.O.P the middle of the forehead is important, and you always put up two fingers.

When imitating G-Dragon, put your hands out and tilt your head left and right.

When imitating Daesung always be happy and bright, shrug your shoulders.

(It was funny because whenever it seemed like his imitation wasn’t funny enough, he would do his Taeyang imitation)

Then Seungri did a dance that started off cool but ended up being comical!

(Thanks for the help cherryspirit and eugenekim22!)

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