CNBLUE’s Release Of "Imagine" Causes Hazzy Bag Website to Crash

The first teaser of CNBLUE’s newest song, “Imagine” was introduced through Jung Yong Hwa’s Hazzy Bag CF yesterday, and the fans’ reactions have been absolutely explosive. It has been reported that after the CF was aired, Hazzy Bag’s Official Website crashed, and servers were down for a solid hour. 

A representative of FNC Music expressed that the CNBLUE members are inspired and encouraged by the positive response, and that “because of the fans, CNBLUE has forgotten about their fatigue, and are pouring beads of sweat for their comeback stage. CNBLUE hopes to return the favor to the fans for their support with even better music.”

Also, it has been posted on CNBLUE’s Official Website that the first teaser will be posted on: 
CNBLUE’s Website
CNBLUE’s YouTube Channel
Naver Music on
March 7th @ 12:00PM KST. 

For those of you who haven’t seen the CF yet:

Credit to uploader

Sources: Money Today via Paran | Official CNBLUE Homepage