2PM to Release First Japanese Single "Take Off" on May 18th

“Beastly Idols” 2PM will be releasing their first Japanese single “Take Off” on May 18th. 

2PM broke the news this past 5th at the ‘Tokyo Girls’ Collection’ at the Yoyogi Stadium where they performed their hit songs “Again and Again,” “Heartbeat,” and “Without U.”

Their first single “Take Off” is going to be the ending song (ED) for the hit Japanese anime “Ao No Exoricist” (aka Blue Exorcist) on TBS starting April 10th.

2PM will also be releasing their “ALL ABOUT 2PM” DVD. In addition, they will be releasing their concert DVD “2PM First Concert in SEOUL ‘Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop'” on the 30th. 

Best of luck to the six beastly men �de42 

Source: Sports Today via Paran