You’re my Pet: Jang Geun Seuk & Kim Haneul vs. Matsumoto Jun & Go Yuki

The story of an elite female who decides to raise a younger boyfriend as a pet has already been produced as a Japanese drama in 2003 with Matsumoto Jun as its lead. The master and servant relationship between the older girlfriend/younger boyfriend couple who live together has garnered the imagination of a cable broadcasting channel.

With the official casting of its leads, “You’re My Pet” is attracting much attention. The Korean version of “You’re my Pet” has casted Jang Geun Seuk and Kim Haneul as its leads. Fans are already speculating the chemistry between the two actors.


Cute and Loveable Pet: Matsumoto’s Takeshi vs. Jang Geun Seuk’s Inho

Momo (Japanese version’s Takeshi/Korean version’s Inho) dreams of becoming a ballerino. He is found in front of Semirae’s (Korean version’s Jieun) house. Semmirae decides to name him Momo after her puppy. Momo’s trademark is his hair which resembles the soft fur of puppies. 

Japan’s most popular idol group Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun was cast as Takeshi. He gained prominence as an actor after he played Chekasa in the Japanese hit series “Boys Before Flowers.” Matsumoto has a natural spark when playing manga characters. In fact, “Boys Before Flowers,” as well as “You’re My Pet,” are adaptations of popular Japanese mangas. Matsumoto Jun portrayed Momo as a colorful character.

While many speculated a Korean idol would act as Momo in the Korean version, that role went to Jang Geun Seuk. Jang has also been successful in portraying manga like characters in dramas like SBS’s “You’re Beautiful”. While Jang has an idol like charm, he is a versatile actor who has also played terrifying murder suspect in “Itawon Murder Mystery.” Jang’s personal taste for hair and fashion helps in developing Momo’s character. Currently, he is growing out his hair to fit the part.

Perfect Yet Flawed Career Woman: Go Yuki’s Semirae vs. Kim Haneul’s Jieun

There is the Rule of Three Highs in Japan. The first high means high educational background, the second high describes high income, and lastly the third high signifies a person’s tall height. If a man encompasses all three qualities, he is the perfect bachelor. However, the opposite goes for a woman. Men are dissuaded by the perfectionist attitude. Semirae’s character embodies this perfect character and has gone through many breakups by men who felt overwhelmed with her. She found Momo in front of her house while going through ups and downs.

Japanese actress Go Yuki has acted in films like “The Last Samurai.” Outwardly, she looks confident, self-assured, and cold, making her perfect for Semirae’s character. Go expresses her character well emotionally as she slowly allows Momo open her aching heart.

Kim Haneul will able to reinvent herself in “You’re My Pet.” Kim has previously acted in melodramas like MBC’s “Road Number One,” SBS’s “Piano” where she was the typical pure and innocent Korean female lead character. She has also shown the public her self-assured and sexy image through romantic comedies like SBS’s “On Air” and “Level 7 Civil Servant.” Through “You’re My Pet’s” Jieun, Kim will have to portray a carefree girl who’s character is the culmination of all characters she has acted so far. 

(Written by @alice; Translated by @hotshotlover30)