B2ST To Have Inauguration of B2UTY

Cube Entertainment has announced a fan meeting and the official inauguration ceremony (sounds official, eh? ^^) of B2ST’s wonderful fanclub B2UTY. The ceremony will be on April 2 at Koryo University’s Hwang Jung Gymnasium. 

An agency representative stated, “The members of B2ST and B2UTY will have the opportunity to directly interact with each other through unique events to make the night unforgettable. Each of the members are excited and eager for the inauguration, and are voicing their personal ideas to make for a special day.” 

B2ST has garnered a fan base of over 180,000 on their official fan cafe only after a year and a half after their debut. They will also be entering the Japanese market with on the 16th with the debut single, “Shock,” and will start promotions toward the end of March.

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Source: SSTV via Paran