Super Junior Members Involved In Yet Another Car Accident

Today, it was reported that the Super Junior guys were yet again involved in a car accident, which resulted from fans chasing their van in Shanghai (Those crazy fangirls….. =.=”).

A representative of the industry spoke with Star News and stated, “On March 6, Super Junior’s Heechul, Leeteuk, Shindong, Yesung, and others were in the car when they got into a rear-end collision in Shanghai.”

It was reported that the accident occurred while the SuJu boys (with the exception of the members of Super Junior-M, because they remained behind to continue their Chinese promotions) were on their way to the airport after they successfully completed their “Super Show 3” concert. Fans began to chase after their van, leading to the collision. It was fortunate that neither the Super Junior members nor fans were injured; but even though SuJu was able to safely return to Korea, the accident is still a suprise to both the group members and fans, since the idol group was involved in a similar accident on January 29 while in Singapore. Let’s hope the guys have better luck with fans in the future!

Source: Star News via Daum