U-KISS: The 2 New Members Info Revealed!

The talks about U-KISS’ new members have been circulating online recently. NH Media officially revealed both the new members of U-KISS, Yeo Hoon Min, also known as “Hoon” for short, and AJ (ex-Paran).

Hoon is not new to the Korean entertainment industry; in fact, he debuted as a ballad singer in 2009.

Yeo Hoon Min “Hoon”

From his single:


A video of him on “Rising Stars”

And this Video of him singing another song:


And here are some more delicious pictures you can munch on:


For more pictures, visit Soompi’s own Yeo Hoon Min gallery:


He also has webpages you can visit:
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/yhm1991
Naver cafe: http://www.cafe.naver.com/purenlove 

Pure & Love (EP) – 2009.09.09
Beginning (Digital Single) – 2010.05.07


Birthdate: 16th August, 1991 in the Gyeonggi Province
Weight: 65kg
Height: 180cm

Skills: taekwondo, snowboarding, wakeboarding, basketball, singing
Education: Went to Pyeongnae High School, now theater major at Dong Guk University

And follow is new member #2. AJ from Ex-boy group Paran. Paran was another NH Media’s boy band, in a way, they are U-KISS’ sunbaenim. AJ was known for his talents in rap and piano playing skills. He also have studied in the US, and can manage speaking in English.

AJ (ex. Paran)

Name: A.J. (Kim Jae Suhp)
Birthday: 1991. 06. 04
Height: 180 cm; Weight: 58 kg
School: Korea Kent Foreign School
Hobbies: Street Basketball
Talent: Rap
Debut Album: Paran 1st

More pix:


AJ playing the piano and singing:

And here is a video of AJ and Soohyun dancing together:


A lot of k-pop fans are already hype about this new addition! Korean Music Festival just announced that U-KISS with the new members will be performing there in April! I can’t wait to see them perform together live! Can you?!

Source: rocketboxx, @lunasea81, mardi09.wordpress.com

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