"Crime Squad" Press Conference

Song Il Kook’s Run-in with the Police

Actor Song Il Kook had a run-in with the police. But not to worry. Song voluntarily went to the police station to gain experience for his new KBS2 Monday-Tuesday Drama “Crime Squad.” Known for his clean and perfectionist image, Song wanted to experience first-hand the cases that go through the police station on a normal day. Unfortunately, the day was too cold and not a single crime was committed that day.

However, rumors about top star Song Il Kook being arrested started formulating, and reporters started flocking to the police station to investigate. One aggressive reporter found Song and started bombarding questions about what crime he had committed.

At “Crime Squad’s” press conference on March 2nd, Song stated that at least five reporters were disappointed when he told them he went to the police station to study how he should express his character. He also mentioned that he felt sorry for causing so much attention to such a trivial reason.

Flower Boy Kim Jun “I’m not Perfect”

Kim Jun who has shot to stardom with KBS2’s “Boys Before Flowers,” is the typical um-chin-ah, which literally means mom’s friends son, who is perfect and the one your mother always compares you to. Kim played Song Woo Bin, a member of the ultra-elite superior F4 of “Boys Before Flowers.” However, Kim himself is also an elite: he graduated Daeil Foreign High School and majored in biochemistry at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS). In 2009, he completed his studies online despite his busy schedules. Recently, it was made public that he was accepted to the graduate program for global cultural contents major at HUFS. He also appeared on KBS’s quiz program “1 vs. 100” and lasted to the final round.

In “Crime Squad” Kim Jun has been cast as a genius crime squad detective who has won in many investigation competitions. Some are worried that this role will only cement his image as an um-chim-ah. Kim personally believes he is flawed, but wonders why everyone calls him perfect. His first titular drama character, Song Woo Bin, was based on a manga series where characters are far-fetched from reality. Song states that his character in “Crime Squad” is also full of imperfections. While he may seem perfect on the outside, he is vulnerable. Kim also said he chose this character specifically because he wasn’t perfect. Veteran actor Song Ji Hoo did not stop complimenting Kim on how hard he works.

Written in Korean by alice@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi