SHINHWA: 13th Anniversary Special Project

From MARCH 18th-24th, Soompi will be having a Shinhwa special.
For six days, we will be having a special post for each member,
and on the 24th there will be an epic throwback post of all things Shinhwa.
13 years worth!

we wanted to make sure we heard the voices of the special people who’ve helped Shinhwa come so far: THE FANS

We would like to compile these posts not only from staff picks, but also from the choices of fans.
So to make Shinhwa’s 13th Anniversary epic on Soompi, please post some (if not all Posted Image) of the following topics:

1. Top #3 Individual Member moments
2. Top #3 Shinhwa Moments (ONLY BTS scenes and interviews)
3. Top #3 Shinhwa M/V
4. Top #3 Shinhwa Variety Show Moments
5. Top #3 Shinhwa Albums
6. Top #3 Shinhwa Songs
7. Top #3 Shinhwa Quotes
8. Top #3 Shinhwa Performances
9. Favorite Shinhwa Member
10. Favorite Shinhwa Pairing (eg: MinShyung)

&anything else you might want to see during Shinhwa Week! Posted Image
(But please, no more than three for each topic, otherwise it makes organizing a tad bit difficult Posted Image)

Posted Image
(It would also make my life super awesome if you guys could find video clips of some your favorite Shinhwa moments.It’ll make the posts that much better!)

March 18: ERIC Special
March 19: MINWOO Special
March 20: DONGWAN Special
March 21: HYESUNG Special
March 22: JUNJIN Special
March 23: ANDY Special