Adam Couple To Reunite in Thailand

recently tweeted,“Geumji and Ok Yeob after a while~ When we go to Thailand, we are going to sing “We Fell In Love” as Adam…!” hinting at the reunion of WGM’s most beloved couples, Adam Couple. 

The two have parted their ways as a couple, but they are working together in the sitcom “All My Love” as siblings; GaIn as ‘Geumji’ and Jokwon as ‘Ok Yeob.’ The photo he posted along with the tweet showed the two of them as close as ever, almost as though they could be filming WGM.

The vast majority of the responses to the tweet were somewhere along the lines of, “Please come back as Adam,” and “Even after a while, Adam looks good together.”

May the two remain as Adam in our hearts �de42 

Source: Star News via Nate | Jokwon’s Twitter