And the Celeb with the Best Reggae Hairstyle Goes to …2PM’s Nichkhun!

On March 2nd, conducted a poll that asked fans to determine who looked best with a reggae hairstyle. 2PM’s Nichkhun ranked first place. The survey took place as “Earth Rep Rolling Stars: the Movie” awaits its theater release. It’s main character, Lucky, sports a reggae hairstyle which is quickly becoming a hot issue. The animation feature takes place in 2050. A group of trouble makers create a baseball team to save Earth from the Universe’s best baseball team. Nichkhun led the survey with 50% of the votes for best reggae hairstyle. Nichkhun was followed by No Hong Chul of “Infinity Challenge” had 25%, Big Bang’s TOP had 19%, and Hyunbin had 6% of the votes. However, the poll seemed to ask who had the best physical features to pull off any style, be it reggae or something else. One of the comments in the poll said, “It’s obvious that this title belongs to the universe’s best looking guy Nichkhun.” (ID: Ji**) Generally, fans decided that a good looking guy can pull off any look.

Poll results:

Written in Korean by hurlkie@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi

Photos by Bong Sook Hee