Korean Movie Industry’s Super Rookie Song Sae Byuk Awaits Movie Release

Last year’s rising star, actor Song Sae Byuk was cast as the solo lead for the comedy “A Dangerous Meeting,” which is set for a late March theatrical release. The story unfolds as a couple has trouble getting marriage consents from each other’s families for being from different territorial backgrounds. Song’s Hyun Jun character is from the Jeolla province while his fiancé is from the Kyeongsan province.

The press conference for “A Dangerous Meeting” took place on March 3rd, and Song Sae Byuk expressed his feelings about his first solo lead project. He humbly said, “I put enormous pressure on myself, but that pressure lessened once we started shooting. The only difference is that I have a lot more lines to memorize.”

To gain his future mother-and-father-in-law’s approval, Hyun Jun practices his Seoul accent and decks out in Apgujeong (equivalent to Beverly Hills) fashion. Coincidently, Song himself is a Jeolla native. As a result, he too is trying to improve his Seoul accent. He said, “While I try to speak in a Seoul accent, there are times when I find my Jeolla dialect slipping in. Song described “A Dangerous Meeting” as a light but serious movie. Last year, Song Sae Byuk gained enormous popularity from his movies “The Servant” (2010) and “Cyrano Love Agency” (2010).

Written in Korean by song@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi

Photos by Choi Sung Ik of Studio V