MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, IU, and SISTAR Attend K.Will’s Showcase

Ballad singer K.Will, known for “Dropping the Tears” and “Miss, Miss, and Miss,” held a showcase on March 10th for his new mini-album “My Heart is Beating.” His two title tracks for this album are “My Heart is Beating” and “Speechless.” “Speechless” is another heart-wrenching ballad while “My Heart is Beating” is a song that describes the beginning of a new love. K. Will said, “The song has a warm spring feel to it, but it’s been so cold and unspring like these days. A lot of people say that my music is perfect to listen to during the fall season. Ironically, most of my albums have been released in the spring.” He also stated that he was nervous about performing his first showcase but was looking forward to a fresh start. Girl group SISTAR attended the showcase to show their support for K. Will. On January, K. Will and SISTAR member Hyo Rin collaborated for the digital single “Amazed.” They made a special appearance by singing “How Dare You” live.

K. Will also showed the complete music video of “My Heart is Beating.” The music video starred IU and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon as the main characters. The two showed great chemistry as they portrayed a couple who discover their feelings for each other. IU said, “I was able to create many memories while filming for this music video.” Korean fans, as well as Japanese fans, were all anticipating K. Will’s change from heart-wrenching ballads to bright and light ballads. Fans were able to see a new side of K. Will as he performed a baal dance where he only uses his legs to “My Heart is Beating.” Baal dance is a play on words – baal means bad and foot in Korean – and K. Will is known for being a bad dancer.

Q&A with K.Will 

You chose a song with a medium tempo as your title track, but you still have sad slow ballads in your album. How did you decide which song to choose as your title track?

We had a lot of trouble deciding. Many people claim that heart-wrenching ballads are my specialty. However, I still had bright title tracks like “Love 119” and “Present.” I wanted to develop this area more, and we saw the potential love “My Heart is Beating” would get from the fans.  

We heard you lost about eleven pounds (5 kg) for this album. Why did you go on a diet?

There are a lot of young good-looking guys out in the industry these days. At first, I only concentrated on singing. Then I wanted to become the complete package by putting a little more attention to my appearance. I lost a lot of weight after last year’s concert, but then I gained it all back plus more. That’s the reason why I decided to diet.

Did you just lose weight? Or did you also create abs?

Of course! To tell you the truth, I’m sure even my personal trainers drool over my abs.

There was a huge amount of anticipation for your music video even before its release because of IU and Lee Joon. How was it like working with IU?

It’s pretty hard to describe it in words. I saw the completed music video for the first time during our showcase rehearsal. IU is amazing – she’s pretty and acts very well. We were recording a show together yesterday, and I was envious of her singing ability. It was hard not to take my eyes off of her as she acted.

It would have been nice if you acted with IU in Lee Joon’s place.

Haha, yeah, the company just didn’t care what I wanted.

Your song is a lot livelier, but your voice still sounds a little sad. How do you adjust your voice to match the emotions of your songs?

It always takes me a lot longer to record a lively song than it does to record a sad song. I constantly have to remind myself that the song I’m recording is a happy one. I’m not sure if anyone else can see the relevance, but I thought about the drama “Secret Garden” as I was recording this song. While Hyun Bin’s character was always so serious, he had a quirky and funny personality. It’s a lot like this song – it’s serious, but it still has some cute and bright elements. It took a total of four recordings to complete this song.

We heard you were going to dance while singing for the first time. How much did you practice?

I’ve danced in concerts before, but never while I was singing. And I never thought I would. It seemed to awkward to stand still while singing such a lively song…Haha please don’t expect too much out of it because it isn’t much – you might even miss it if you don’t pay attention.

It’s called a baal dance… Did you intentionally name it that way?

Yes and no. If you blink, you’ll miss it.

You’ve already done a duet with Hyo Rin. Do you have any other female artists you want to duet with?

Once I’ve garnered enough experience, I would like to perform with Insooni.

Would you like to say something before we end?

I don’t know why my song feels like it’s for a school arts festival…it may be because of the baal dance for “My Heart is Beating.” I wasn’t active enough last year, but I promise to do more this year. It all starts today.

Written by hurlkie@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi