Go Soo is Off the Market

Aw, man. The 32-year-old Go Soo (Will It Snow For Christmas?) has revealed that he’s dating. *tear* It’s a sad day for my fantasy life wherein his intense, smoldering gazes are reserved solely for myself. (Hey, it’s a fantasy. I get to pretend it could happen!)

According to a press release circulated on March 10, he was introduced to his girlfriend “a long time ago,” and their relationship has recently developed into a romantic one. News initially leaked on March 8 that she is a university student of fine arts, and Go Soo was in New Zealand shooting a CF at the time. Upon his return to Korea, he released the official statement addressing the rumors.

As the lady in question isn’t a celebrity, Go Soo explains that would like to be careful regarding media attention. He stated that they are still in a “cautious stage” in their relationship, adding that he would keep the press informed when he had more good news to share, and requested, “I hope you’ll be able to help me until we’re able to progress to a beautiful love.”

It’s pretty savvy of him to speak as though he’s including the media in the process, so as to court their favor rather than alienating them. I wonder if the tactic will work, but he’s rather well-liked on the whole, so I can see him winning a few of them over. (On the other hand, the Korean media is a pretty rapacious bunch on the whole, especially when they smell gossip.)

Oh well. I suppose this news alters nothing, since the good thing about fantasies is: Reality has no place in them.


Via My Daily

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