O’live: From Lifestyle Channel to Delicious TV Plus News about Alex, Park Soo Jin, & Phillip Choi

 “Romantic Guy” Alex in a Relationship with Former Co-Actress

Classiquai’s main vocalist and actor Alex, nicknamed ‘the romantic guy,’ is currently in a relationship with actress Jo Hee Wa. The two met while filming for MBC’s drama “Pasta.” In the drama,  Alex’s girlfriend, a former supermodel, acted as a waitress at the restaurant Alex’s character owned.

The O’live channel has announced that it aims to focus more on becoming a food style channel and has released details about its new program “the Food Essay.” O’live’s new motto, ‘delicious TV’ is befitting of this change in focus.  Multi-talent Alex is to host the program; and at the press conference, he stated, “While I don’t have a lot of time to cook, I enjoy cooking for friends and family. I think about the people I love when I cook.”

While Alex is busy filming his drama “Smile Donghae” and preparing for a new album, he tries to spend time with his girlfriend by cooking her kimcheejjiagae or miyeokguk. Sometimes he would prepare something special with wine and pasta. Alex said, “We’ve received so much love. Please continue to give us support as we develop our relationship.”

O’live: From Lifestyle Channel to Delicious TV

Cooking is quickly becoming part of everyone’s lifestyles. To set the trend, O’live has reconfigured its network as a food styling channel. The new channel will air reality TV programs, variety programs, and documentaries about food and cooking. At the press conference, Park Soo Jin and Alex appeared with gold plates with sushi Alex made. The gold plate is made from pure gold and is worth about $10,000. O’live representatives also stated that they wanted to make food the main focus of the channel. The gold plates show just how far the network is willing to go to respect food.

“Tasty Road Season 2” Park Soo Jin and her Knife Skills

During its first season, Park Soo Jin went on a food road trip with Park Jin Sun. For its second season, she’ll be on the road with Phillip Choi. This time, there will also be more emphasis on food. Park Soo Jin and Phillip Choi went fishing for black rockfish amidst strong winds to film its first episode. Park Soo Jin stated, “I had practiced my knife skills for a cooking program in the past. However, that program went up in the air, and I never got to use my skills. I look forward to showing everyone what I can do.”

Phillip Choi’s Adventures on the Road with Park Soo Jin

Phillip Choi started off by saying he has no interest in food; fortunately, he likes to travel. He stated by filming “Tasty Road,” he is learning the skills needed to be an excellent chef for his future wife. He and Park Soo Jin are also said to be showing great chemistry. Phillip said,” Park Soo Jin is a lot different that she looks. She’s very easy-going and friendly, and she helped me adjust to the program. I’m really enjoying my adventures with her.”


Written in Korean by alice@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi

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