BEAST, 2AM, G.NA Get Together for Fukuyama Masaharu’s Remake Album

Korean artists are coming together to remake Fukuyama Masaharu’s songs. Fukuyama Masaharu is a Japanese multi-talented star: he’s a singer, songwriter, actor, DJ, and photographer. This album is to commemorate his 20th year as an artist and will contain his hit songs. Korean artists BEAST, 2AM, G.Na, Lim Jung Hee, and 8Eight will participate in the album which will have a total of eight tracks.

 The first track “Rainbow” will be remade by BEAST. “Rainbow” was originally released in 2003 under the name “Niji(虹),” which means rainbow in Japanese, and caused a sensation. “Niji” was used as the theme song for Ichihara Hayato and Ishihara Satomi’s Fuji TV drama “Water Boys 2” (2004). At the time, it also grabbed the top spot on the Oricon Charts for five weeks. BEAST’s remake version will include raps and faster beats and leave listeners with a different impression of the original version.

 2AM and G.NA’s remake will also be announced shortly. Fukuyama Masaharu once guest starred at a Japanese radio program and praised 2AM’s remake of “Sa Ih Ah Ih (最愛): The Greatest Love.” He said, “They were able to stay true to the original while adding their colors to it. I personally think their remake is better than the original.” Fukuyama’s praise has raised the fans’ attentions and expectations for this new remake.

 There have been many instances where Korean artists debuted in Japan or Japanese celebrities came over to Korea. Additionally, there have been many Korean remakes made of popular foreign songs. However, this is the first time where the best Japanese celebrity and Korean artists came together to work on a commemorative album. Fukuyama Masaharu’s “THE BEST BANG!!! – ASIA LIMITED BANG!!” album is planning for an Asia-wide release and will be available to the Korean public on April 6th.


Written in Korean by girlalice@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi