Director Kang Woo Suk’s New Project “I am the King of Chosun”

Director Kang Woo Duk of “Moss” and “Glove” has chosen a new project. While this is his 19th film, “I am the King of Chosun” is his first ever sageuk (historical piece). The movie is about the 15th King of Chosun who was dethroned within 15 years. “Old Boy’s” screen writer Hwang Jo Yoon is onboard the production.

“I am the King of Chosun” follows Kwang Hae Goon, the 15th King of Chosun, and a peasant doppelganger Ha Sun. It’s a Korean historical twist to the “The Prince and the Pauper.” Director Kang Woo Suk claimed that the scenario is perfect for fulfilling his thirst for a political comedy genre. The movie addresses what kind of king Kwang Hae Goon and how he is remembered throughout history. “I am the King of Chosun” is not just a character-switching story; it is a movie that will develop a sympathetic bond between its characters and its viewers. It will start filming late June/early July, and many are curious as to which actors will join the production.

Tidbits about Director Kang Woo Suk

He made his directing debut with 1989’s “The Sweet Brides.” Kang Woo Suk was also the first director to have produced a film, “Silmido” (2003), that has solve over 10,000 tickets at the box office. He followed that movie with the “Public Enemy” series (2002-2008). His other hits include “Baekyahaeng, Into the White Night” (2009), “Moss” (2010), and “Glove” (2011). He is also the CEO of Cinema Service, a film distributing agency established in 1995.

Written in Korean by hurlkie@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi

Photo by Bong Sook Hee of Studio V