Under The Radar – JQ


제이큐 (JQ)
Management: TN Entertainment

Real name: 이재광 (Lee Jae Kwang)
Born: October 24, 1982
Debut: 2007 – Digital Single [JQ Music Q]
Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts, Broadcasting Entertainment
Cyworld: www.cyworld.com/jayq
Me2Day: http://me2day.net/akajq
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/JQ1024
2008 Shinee “Real” & “Love Should Go On” – Rap making and directing
2008 Shinee “Forever or Never”, “산소같은 너 (Love Like Oxygen)”, “사.계.한 (Love Should Go On)”, “사랑의 길 (Love’s Way)”, “그녀가 헤어졌다 (One For Me)”, “화장을 하고 (Graze)” & 내 곁에만 있어 (Best Place) – Rap making & directing by JQ & Minho of Shinee
2009 “XIAHTIC(Feat.Key)” – Rap making & directing with Key of Shinee
2009 “독도가 달린다 (Dokdo Racer)” – Lyrics, Composition & Arrangement with Kim Ji In
2009 “피앙세 (Make U Mine)” – Lyrics with Han Eum, Composition
2009 Shinee “니가 맘에 들어 (Talk To You)”, “Juliette”, & “소년, 소녀를 만나다 (Romeo + Juliette)” – Rap making & directing with Minho of Shinee
2009 Shinee “Countdown” – Rap making & directing with Minho of Shinee
2009 Shinee “Get Down” – Lyrics with Big Tone & Key of Shinee
2009 f(x) “Chu~♡” – Rap making & directing with f(x) Amber
2009 V.A. “크리스마스의 기적 (Christmas Miracle)” – Lyrics, Composition & Arrangement with Kim Ji In
2010 Trax “치유 (Healing) (Feat. Key From SHINee)” – Rap making & directing with Key of Shinee
2010 MC Hansai & Han So Ah “믿겨지지않는 이야기” – Lyrics with MC Hansai, Composition
2010 Daylight & JQ “사랑해 (Send Me Love)” – Lyrics, Composition with Han So Ah
2010 Shinee “Shout Out” & “사.계.후 (Love Still Goes On)” – Lyric & Rap Making with Shinee
2010 Kim Ki Wook & Kang Sun “Thanks for the Laugh” – Lyrics & Composition
2010 Han So Ah “Can U Feel Ma Music” 1st Single – Lyrics & Composition with Han So Ah, Arrangement
2010 Gil Hak Mi “겨울이야기” – Rap Making and Lyric
2011 DBSK “Our Game” – Lyrics & Directing
2011 Han So Ah “시간이 필요해 (I Need Time)” 2nd Single – Lyrics & Composition with Han So Ah, Arrangement


Last month, I had the chance to send a few questions for JQ to answer for this month’s “Under The Radar” article. If you’ve just joined me with the “Under The Radar” articles, these articles are posted monthly in rotation (male solo, female solo, male group, female group and mixed group). The articles include the profile, biography, discography and videos of each underground/underrated Korean artist that is featured for the month.

JQ, which stands for Jubilant Qualified, is not only a rapper but also a great producer, lyricist, and composer. Debuting in 2007 with his first solo single, JQ has risen in the music industry where he has had the opportunity to be SM’s Shinee’s and f(x)’s rap coach. He says that working with them is an exciting experience as he believes he can learn a lot from them as well.

JQ lists Kanye West, MC Sniper, and Psy as his musical influences. He likes Kanye West’s style of music, which he believes to be very unique, and Psy’s charismatic stage presence, as it gets the crowds excited. He also looks up to MC Sniper as his idol and teacher. Along with that, his inspiration for composing comes from his past experiences, which however, he didn’t specifically list. JQ’s music genre is undoubtedly rap. Sometimes his rap is smooth and relaxing while at times, it is sharp and fierce.

JQ has also done a number of collaborations. He mentioned that Han So Ah was one of his favorite people to work with because he saw the potential she had as an artist. As for future collabs, he would like to work with Far East Movement.

But something that we can actually look forward to is JQ’s upcoming mini album, which he is hoping to release in the summer of 2011. As for now, we can expect to continue to see JQ working hard in the music industry as he has grown a lot since his debut. Over these years, he says his greatest challenge was to stick to producing the music that he loves and that his greatest achievement was making enough money to buy his parents a house. Let’s hope that JQ can continue to remain true to what he does and achieve even greater things in his career.

To all his awesome fans, he writes:
I love You!! And follow my twitter at `JQ1024` :)

I also asked JQ a couple of fun little questions, just to get to know his other interests or favorites. Here are some of them listed below:

1. Favorite food?
Sushi and steak

2. Favorite TV show, drama and/or movie?
Favorite TV show: Mu Han Do Jun (무한도전)
Drama: Secret Garden
Movie: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

3. Favorite color?

4. Place(s) you’d like to travel to?
Trip around the world

5. Your motto?
Let’s enjoy our lives to the fullest.


JQ – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Rap Version)

JQ & Shin Bong Sun – Cotton Candy

JQ ft. Nuoliunce – Melody (Without U)

Han So Ah ft. JQ – 어쩌면
2lepik Soul – Hero
V.A (Maya with Daylight, Han So Ah, JOY, JQ, Ki Wook Kim, MAC and Someday) – Miracle of Christmas
Lee Hyun & Daylight ft. JQ – Waling In a Line
JQ ft. Kim Eun Jung of Jewelry – Fantastic



JQ Music (Single)

01. JQ music Q
02. hook it up
03. 그놈목소리
04. Sweet Baby

Jang Sung Min – Try Again
Released: 2007.09.06

05. 관계 (remix) (Feat.JQ)

Hook It Up (Single)
Released: 2008.01.09

01. Hook It Up (Remix Version)
02. Hook It Up (Inst.)

2008 Elemental Attraction (Single)
Released: 2008.06.24

01. 사랑이라면 좋겠어 (feat. 김동희)
02. 위로 (feat. 홍가, 해태눈, 바울, 미리)
03. 사랑이라면 좋겠어 (MR)
04. 위로 (MR)

Finally Realized (Single)
Released: 2008.12.09

01. 여자를 몰랐어 (feat. Solflower)
02. 피앙세 (Make U Mine) (feat. 한음, 마리)
03. 여자를 몰랐어 (MR)
04. 피앙세 (MR)

V.A – Luv Recipe
Released: 2008.12.23


V.A – 상근이의 소망
Released: 2008.12.23

09. 함께라면 – JQ, 류상욱

Run For The Dokdo (Single)
Released: 2009.02.25

01. 독도가 달린다 (Dokdo Racer)
02. 독도가 달린다 (Dokdo Racer Inst.)

Pink Mode – Romantic Edition
Released: 2009.05.01

01. Pink Mode (Feat.Ami,JQ)

V.A – Chocolate #2 – Lovely Taste
Released: 2009.09.29

05. 말해볼까 – JQ, Luv Recipe
06. Girl – JQ, 유리

2lepik Soul – Hero (Single)
Released: 2009.10.07

01. Hero (Original ver.)
02. Hero (Karosu Road Mix)
03. Hero (Karosu Electro Mix)
04. Hero (Karosu Super Groove Mix)

Ma First Winning (Single)
Released: 2009.10.19

01. 11월 12일 (Feat.미리)
02. 11월 12일(Inst.)

2NB Vol. 2 – 2comfortable
Released: 2009.11.05

02. 까만눈물 (Feat.JQ)

V.A – Christmas Miracle
Released: 2009.12.03

01. 크리스마스의 기적

Daylight & JQ – Loview Music Part 2
Released: 2010.04.26

01. 사랑해(Send Me Love)

Make U Mine (Single)
Released: 2010.05.20

01. Fantastic (Feat.김은정)
02. 사랑기한 (Feat.한소아)
03. Fantastic (inst.)
04. 사랑기한 (inst.)

T-Blue – First Storee 
Released: 2010.06.14

04. 자나깨나 니 생각 (Feat.JQ)

솜사탕 (Single)
Released: 2010.07.23

01. 솜사탕 (Feat.신봉선)
02. 솜사탕 (inst.)

멜로디 (Without U)
Released: 2010.10.15

01. 멜로디(Without U) (Feat.뉴올리언스)
02. 멜로디(Without U)(Nuol Edit.)
03. 멜로디(Without U)(inst.)

Han So Ah – Can U Feel Ma Music
Released: 2010.11.26

02. 어쩌면 (Feat.JQ)

V.A – Christmas Miracle 2
Released: 2010.12.03

01. 크리스마스의 기적2 (Feat.홍록기)

Han So Ah – 시간이필요해

01. 시간이 필요해



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