So Ji Sub & Han Hyo Joo to Star in Korean Version of “Rocky”

So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo will become the Korean Rocky and Adrian. The two will work together with Director Song Il Gon, whose previous works include “Feathers in the Wind” and “The Magicians,” for “Only You.” The movie is produced by Go Soo’s management company HB Entertainment and tells the story about how a former boxer finds the courage to come back to the ring through love. So Ji Sub plays Chul Min, a former boxer, and Han Hyo Joo acts as Jung Hwa, the one and only woman who opens up Chul Min’s heart.

Director Song Il Gon won the Golden Palm Best Short Film at the 1999 Cannes Film Festival for “Picnic” (1999) and will express the delicate fate-like love line of the movie’s two leads. So Ji Sub is finally returning to the silver screen after focusing on dramas with SBS’s “Cain & Abel” (2009) and MBC’s “Road Number One” (2010). Since his discharge from the military, So has filmed three movies: a Korean film called “A Movie is a Movie” (2008), a Japanese movie called “Kitaro and the Millenium Curse” (2008), as well as a Chinese movie called “Sophie’s Revenge” (2009). “Only You” marks So’s return to the Korean big screen in over two years. His character Chul Min is described as a deep-hearted man who will do everything he can for the woman he loves.

 Han Hyo Joo, who received much love for her role in MBC’s “Dong Yi” (2010), is also making a return to the big screen with “Only You.” Her previous films include: “Ad-Lib Night” (2006), “Ride Away” (2008), and “Postman to Heaven” (2009). “Only You” will be her fourth lead film, and her Jung Hwa will have similar characteristics to the actress herself – bright and bubbly girl with a lovely smile. While she is slowly losing her sight, Jung Hwa continues to remain high-spirited and optimistic.

 Only You” also has a slew of strong supporting actors who have been active in both the silver and small screen. Kang Shin Il of MBC’s “Mate” and Park Chul Min of “Cyrano Love Agency” will star as Director Choi and Coach Bang respectively. Additionally, Jo Sung Ha of “Hwanghae” (2010) and Jin Goo of “Mother” (2009) plan on making a cameo. “Only You” plans on premiering this coming fall in Korea.


Written in Korean by songsoonjin@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi