ZE:A Holds Showcase for First Regular Album

Idol group ZE:A, despite their countless nicknames, have not done much promotions as a singer lately. That may explain why ZE:A, coming back for the first time in eight months, is showing extra motivation and energy with their first regular album promotion. Club Answer, the location of their regular album showcase held on March 16th, is also where their debut showcase took place. “It feels like we’re debuting for the first time all over again,” ZE:A members told the press at the showcase.

“Here I Am” is the title track of their first regular album, “Lovability.” It’s a sweet love song that talks about confessions and promises made between lovers. It has a different style from their debut track “Mazeltov,” or other songs such as “All Day Long” and “Separation Drip,” which had strong characteristics, and it’s noticeable that the group is attempting an image makeover through this new single. “It’s a bright song that matches well with the warm spring weather. I think we’ll be able to show the softer side of our group,” the group’s leader Moon Joon Young said.


With a brighter song comes fresher choreography. The members say their new move dubbed “High Dance,” where they move as if their greeting a lover, is the main point of their new choreography. “Wink and smile with your eyes as if your lover is standing right in front of you, and that will complete this dance,” Hwang Kwang Hee said. To match the feel of the song and choreography, ZE:A’s new fashion style also looks colorful. They’ve been called “Variety-Idol,” “Athletic-Idol,” “Plastic Surgery-Idol,” and now they’re even aiming to be called “Fashion-Idol.”


Hwang Kwang Hee and Dong Joon raised ZE:A’s popularity through their appearances on variety shows. But now they are more focused on raising awareness as a singer. The members say they were directly involved in writing the lyrics of “Be My Girl,” and received vocal training continuously in order to strengthen their foundation as a singer. “We really missed the singing stage over the last eight months. Kwang Hee worked really hard to promote and publicize our group. For this album, we spent more time on enhancing our musical aspect. I think we’ll be able to show a different side of ourselves,” Dong Joon said.


However, the group will continue on with non-musical activities as well. All nine members are scheduled to appear in either TV dramas or variety shows to showcase their diverse talent and skill sets as an entertainer. “We’ll continue to work hard to show our true selves. We practiced night and day for this album and really want to win first place this time,” ZE:A said with great ambitions.

Written in Korean by girlalice@soompi; Translated by eugenekim222@soompi; Photos by Lee Sang Hee (Studio V) studio_v@naver.com