Park Jung Min's Woohoo Weekend

Park Jung Min won many reporters’ hearts on Friday as he playfully teased them, making them feel like young girls all over again, and repeating words after they posed their questions to him. Fans who attended the press conference held at Ritz Carlton Millenia Hotel, tweeted that he’s a cute parrot!

Jung Min took the initiative to pour water for the host Li Yi and his female translator– what a gentleman! This simple yet thoughtful act of pouring water for others must have melted the fans’ hearts further, because even I myself couldn’t help but envy the two ladies seated next to him!

He told us more about his interest in song-writing and his solo album – the press was requested to restrict questions to Jung Min alone and his solo album “Not Alone.”

Before Jung Min released his solo album, he was considering how he would best represent himself through his solo album, and he thought that by writing his own songs, he could share his inspiration with his fans; thus the three tracks on “Not Alone” are written by him.

What inspired the musical-like dance moves in the “Not Alone” music video? Aren’t you interested to know if he had any input on the image concept as well? The choreography was indeed ideas from people who work in musicals and some of the dancers are actually musical actors. Jung Min contributed some ideas and is the chief director on the set, but he leaves the image concept work to the professionals who work with him.

Is Jung Min comfortable doing the Asia tour by himself or is he feeling stressful? He said he’s very adaptable to situations so even though its his first time touring as a solo artist, he’s adapting very well.

Jung Min is learning Chinese now, so what are the difficulties he faced with the language? Pronunciations (there are four tones) and sometimes it seems like people are scolding him and he felt a little intimidated. During the press conference, Jung Min also pointed at his Chinese language teacher who was present, but she was quick to turn away and cover her face from the unwanted attention.

My heart was beating so rapidly when I got the mic– I thought it wasn’t gonna stop anytime! Being a Triple S and even though Jung Min isn’t my favorite, I got a little nervous to ask him a question directly! Thankfully my voice wasn’t shaking too much when I got around to asking him if he was trying to switch from an idol image to a singer-songwriter image. Here’s a video clip to his answer, and my nervousness 🙂

What was the most exciting ‘woohoo’ moment during his career? There were two such moments — one was during the debut of SS501 and their first fan meeting and the second was more recent when he first performed the songs from his solo album.

As Jung Min’s birthday is coming soon, he shared that he wished for a successful album promotional tour and a second wish is to achieve everything that he wished for in 2011.

Here’s some extracts from the many cute, funny responses from Jung Min. Wish everyone a ‘woohoo’ week! 



Special thanks to Sony Music Singapore for extending their invitation to Soompi to cover the press conference!

Photos (without watermark) credit to Sony Music Singapore.

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