A Look At T-AMO, the T-ARA Fan Club

What makes this fan club so special? There are many clubs to join, yet not all of them treat you like human beings. In fanclubs pt.2, we had a look at an overall look of them (See here).

There are many ways that Fan clubs gain your loyalty and usually it’s by the means of A) Gifts B) Jealous force OR C) Both combined. In my experience with T-amo, I’ve received no free gifts (except some balloons), BUT, the fan club is free to join! However, I’ve also received no jealous outrage. In other fan clubs I’ve been lavished with gifts all at once, but was only a mask for their jealous rage underneath. There are other more important things than free give-aways that you must look at for fan clubs. Here are a few things I can say I like about T-amo:

Courtesy phone calls: Let me introduce Masaki. He’s so cool that all of T-ara follows him, and talks to him on Twitter. He’ll also slice you with his samurai blade if you diss T-ara in any way. Anyways, I got some courtesy phone calls the night before, (from Japan!!) to remind me that the fans will be meeting the next day. Masaki also selected myself to personally appear in the MBC TV broadcast, without even knowing I’m a journalist.

No one left behind: Let me give you a little side story to contrast. I was at Music Core a week after T-ARA was done promoting. When I had come back I intended to wait with Teen Top, since I figured they were done. Instead, a fan from the group (who just got appointed to staff) found me and told me that T-ara was waiting down by the vending machine. I was like wow, you went to find me? You remembered me?

Shows no Jealousy; I told them I’ll be waiting with Teen Top, and the reason was I didn’t know they were here since T-ARA was done promoting. They didn’t care, really. The next week it was business as usual and I was in line with them. Some fan clubs will never let you join them again if this were case. Actually, I was just testing the water and they passed with flying colors. What good is music if you can only listen to one artist? I’ve asked many fans and they say they listen to only one group.

I’m a real person: While other fanclubs ask you every 5 minutes for your CD and forget who you are, after asking you 5 minutes ago (IM NOT KIDDING) T-AMO has remembered who I am and I’m not required to lug around my autographed CD! (All Fans need to bring their CD still, but they won’t ask you every 5 min.) I feel like i’m talked to like a friend, instead of a number, sales statistic or a nuisance foreigner. Being greeted with smiles is what I get.

There are a lot of fan clubs who will shower you with gifts and then later tell you that you must pledge allegiance (really with a bible) that you will listen and support and like only one group forever and ever and trash other groups if you have to. 

 T-amo was the fanclub who selected me to go on TV for the hour long special for MBC’s Good Day.

Casual: The fans and staff don’t hassle you with mind-boggling trivia, but they don’t mind sharing what they know if you ask them.
More non-jealousy: The guys have shown no aggression for declaring like/love towards the same girls or even mentioning other girls in other girl groups; in fact they are much more casual about this than fangirls are.


Benefits: Do I need to mention that the T-ARA fanclub had secured us FRONT ROW seats at Music Core, since Jiyeon became the host? Actually, don’t just jump on the bandwagon just yet. T-amo were able to secure these seats for two months straight and that’s about the longest as Music Core will allow any fan club. Currently, we’re back to normal status. Actually, that’s pretty tight because we beat out the biggest boy bands reservations during their comebacks.

I love being a T-ARA fan and I am glad that such a fan club exists. Don’t judge a fan club for how many gifts they give to you.
Another good fan club that treated me well is PLEDIS. (Pledis has shown no jealousy towards T-amo as well) These two fan clubs are the pinnacle of good treatment. I think all fan clubs should take note of these two. You can read my experience during the Orange Caramel fanmeet here: 

The fan club is here:


Note: Masaki is doing ok in Japan. 

SIDENOTE: I almost forgot to mention!
suguishi said:

You should also mention that them remembering you and you not having to show your CD is not typical. So people who want to line up in the T-ARA line should ALWAYS bring their CD. Actually, now, they ALWAYS require CD checking. You might want to add that as a note as you don’t want to be the one to place the blame on if a T-ARA fan cannot go into the show because he/she read ur article *o* “

For their good work, Hyomin gives T-AMO a pat on the ….back?

pat in the back? lol