Seo In Young’s Chic Photo Shoot for “Cosmopolitan”

Seo In Young transformed into a haughty harridan, reminiscent of Meryl Streep’s character in “The Devil Wears Prada” (2006), for her Cosmopolitan photo spread. Recently, fashionista Seo In Young has worked as creative director for Nina Ricci’s accessories. Seo is known as shin-sang-nyu (a female shopaholic who is obsessed with new season designer clothing and accessories) and a wan-pan-nyu (a female celebrity who sells out any outfit or accessories she wears) making her the perfect fashion icon for Nina Ricci to assign as celebrity designer. She shot her photo spread with the same charisma and allure she showed as creative director.

Her unique personality and ability to fashionably wear various outfits shined beyond the camera. People on set applauded Seo In Young’s passion for everything fashion. Cosmopolitan plans to publish photos of Seo In Young carrying out her duties as Nina Ricci’s Creative Director along with the studio photos she shot for the spread.


Written in Korean by girlalice@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi

Photos courtesy of Cosmopolitan