Yonghwa Talks: Leaving We Got Married

On Mar. 21st CNBlue held their official first album “First Step” launch showcase.

As reporters asked Yonghwa about his leaving “We Got Married,” he answered “I am sad to leave [We Got Married].” He went on to say that “Being with Seohyun as a virtual couple for a year, I was able to make many good memories,” “I had a chance to do things as a couple with Seohyun on television that I never got to do in real life.” Fellow CNBlue member Lee Jong Hyun said “Even when Yonghwa was tired because of our schedule, whenever he came back from filming We Got Married he would be smiling,” “I’m worried how he will get rid of his stress now.”

< Source: newsprime.co.kr, ajnews.co.kr>