Song Hye Gyo’s “Today” in Post-Production

Actress Song Hye Gyo has finally finished filming for her new movie “Today.” Filming started last year on December 1st and lasted about four months. “Today” is directed by Lee Jung Hyang who also directed “The Way Home” (2002) and “the Art Museum by the Zoo” (1998). Nam Ji Hyun, who played young Dukman in “Queen Seon Duk,” and Song Chang Ui of “Life is Beautiful” acted alongside Song Hye Gyo in “Today.”

 Song Hye Gyo’s Da Hye is a documentary producer who lost her fiancé, and Nam Ji Hyun’s Ji Min is a prodigy whose family deserted her. The movie depicts the emotions and the growth of these characters as they mature through these wounds. Song’s last shoot had her ride a bike along Namsan Sowol Road as she reminisced about her deceased fiancé.

 Song Hye Gyo commented, “I can’t believe the shooting’s over. I feel like I have to come back tomorrow for another shoot. Everyone had a hard time during the filming because it was so cold. I was really happy to have had the opportunity to work with Director Lee Jung Hyang, and I hope the people enjoy watching it as much as we had fun making it. “Today” is aiming to premiere sometime in the first half of 2011.

Written in Korean by hurlkie@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi