Kim Gun Mo to Leave "Survival: I Am a Singer"

Kim Gun Mo has stated that he will leave “I Am a Singer.” He also said that he was sorry to the audience judges and also the viewers for accepting the second chance offer. On March 23rd at the Media Line office he said “Because of me, Kim Yong Hee PD has been replaced. Loyalty or friendship is not the reason for my departure, but the belief that this decision is the best for all.” Kim Gun Mo also added, “After making this decision I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I will focus on my 20th anniversary album. I believe the only option left for me is to make good music.”


There was more controversy surrounding the “second chance offer” on “I Am a Singer.” A rumor circling the Korean Wall Street Vine stated, “Kim Gun Mo was actually voted number seven first, then he made a scene on set.” “The producing team decided to drop Park Jung Hyun as number seven instead.” “Therefore, they re-shot everything with Park Jung Hyun losing.” “The production crew believed that it was too dangerous because if they were caught, the show would be shot down (They decided that the clothing coordinators, managers, and production crew couldn’t be trusted).” “Thus instead, they chose to give Kim Gun Mo a second chance.”


To the question of whether this rumor is true “Daily Sports” ( reported what they claim to be the true story. The reason Kim Gun Mo made a scene on set is because of an issue with an ear-monitor. According to “Daily Sports” Baek Ji Young, Park Jung Hyun, and Yoon Do Hyun had to perform under conditions where they could not hear their own voice through the ear-monitor. Thus, Kim Gun Mo didn’t make a scene but asked the production crew to re-shoot everything because it was not fair. Therefore, that is the reason why at the end of the show all of the other singers were shocked and wanted to give Kim Gun Mo another chance, because he had stuck out his neck for them.

Whatever story is true, “I Am a Singer” is stirring up controversy in South Korea.