Shinhwa’s 13th Anniversary: To SHCJ, From SHCJ

Happy 13th Anniversary, Shinhwa �de42
Where ever each of you are, I pray you are doing well.

SHCJs, this is it. This is the last video I put together for this happy occasion.
It’s a video I made for the fans. There are glitches in the video that I just CANNOT seem
to fix no matter what I do. I’m sorry .____. But otherwise, I hope you like it!

To wrap up this epic special week we’ve had, I’m going to write you guys some ShinHwa vs. ShinHwa ChangJo anecdotes to make you guys smile! As you all know, SHCJ is a legend just as much as the boys they support. One of the main reasons is these crazy Shinhwa vs. SHCJ anecdotes.

A note of warning, however. 

SHCJ is FAMOUS for being ridiculously blunt, close, mean, honest with, at the same time absolutely terrifyingly proud and protective of Shinhwa. Some of these anecdotes are utterly hilarious and shocking, and mostly UNHEARD OF in most fandoms. SHCJ is also very well-known for their self-pride; they are arguably more proud of being SHCJ than being fans of Shinhwa.

You guys must also know that Shinhwa is not, was not, and never will be, the stereotypical Kpop idol group. Shinhwa’s famous (infamous? ^^) for being very human, if you know what I mean. They’ve done stupid things in the past, and SHCJs know that pretty well. So like family members, there’s always been a love-hate relationship between Shinhwa and SHCJ. Hence, Shinhwa vs. SHCJ. Some of these stories will be utterly shocking, especially to the younger and newer fans. Even more so to fans from other fandoms. But believe me, this is what makes Shinhwa, Shinhwa, and SHCJ, SHCJ. 

1. G.O.D vs. Shinhwa

This is way back in the early 2000s when the Shinhwa members lived together in a dorm close to G.O.D’s dorm. FanGs (Fan G.O.D = G.O.D’s Official Fanclub) wanted to go in front of G.O.D’s dorm but could not do so too easily because of the security guards. So FanGs decided to go into a local super market to pretend to be local residents. It was late at night, but FanGs spotted two tall guys at the supermarket buying tons of snacks and beer. FanGs had no money on them, and when the guys noticed their envious looks, one of them came over offering FanGs some snacks and asked, “Do you still like G.O.D better even though I’m giving you these snacks?” When FanGs told this story to SHCJs, all of SHCJ said, “They should just be good to SHCJ they have -_-; “

2. FanG vs. SHCJ
You guys know how epic fan wars can be, yes? Well, once again, back in the day, FanG and SHCJ got into a fight. SHCJ was the type that tried to solve problems physically, but FanGs supported themselves by the law and legal reasoning. In the end, FanGs won. When G.O.D found out about the fight, they said, “Please don’t fight T_T.” When Shinhwa found out about the fight, they said, “Did you win? Did you lose? Did you win? AGHHHHHH Why’d you lose???” and scolded SHCJ.

3. Shinhwa Fan Signing = SHCJ Comedy Audition
Most fans of other fandoms go to fan signings excited and nervous to see their idols and receive their autographs. SHCJs go to Shinhwa fan signings wondering how to entertain Shinhwa and make them laugh. Shinhwa Fan Signings are comedy auditions for any dedicated SHCJ.

4. Shinhwa’s Dorm ≠ Other Idols’ Dorms 
To most fans of other fandoms, idols’ dorms are places to see a small glimpse of their god-like idols. To SHCJ, Shinhwa’s dorms were:
i. A miserable place when Kim Dong Wan lectured SHCJ for two hours about what they should be doing
with their lives.
ii. Somewhere in the fourth dimension where Eric kept squirting ketchup and water guns to SHCJ.
iii. A place to see the most absurd drinking habits of Shinhwa members. 
iv. The place where the fantasy about Shinhwa got shattered.

5. Shinhwa & SHCJ = Best Friends 
The longer you spend time with someone you love, the most honest and blunt you become, yes? If your best friend were wearing a hideous outfit, you wouldn’t hesitate to say, “Girl, that that off,” right? Okay.
So when other idols tell their fans, “I’m very tired these days,” those fans say things like, “I’ll be your bed for you” and “Please go rest.” When Shinhwa told SHCJ that they were tired, SHCJ said, “Go to sleep.” When Shinhwa said again that they were tired, SHCJ said, “I guess age doesn’t lie.” 

6. During 8th Album Promotions at Inki Gayo
A lot SHCJ had spent the night in front of the broadcast studio and were dozing off outside. A whole bunch of bikers came by on their motorcycles and sprayed SHCJ with fire extinguishers, and there were several drunkards who came by and bothered SHCJ. Apparently a SHCJ got in contact with a Shinhwa manager and told him the situation. Shinhwa happened to be practicing nearby and paid several taxi drivers to guard the area around SHCJ by making rounds. Not too long after that, Eric and HyeSung drove around SBS, and it is rumored that HyeSung was taking photos of SHCJ along the way. Because the bikers never came back, four hours later SHCJs were sleeping outside when suddenly they heard, “Shinhwa Changjo, FIGHTING! Junjin, jjang!! Junjin, jjang!! Muahahahahaha” SHCJs recognized the laughter; it was DongWan. �de42

1. During Eric’s Civil Service Worker Days
A SHCJ was at a subway station buying a ticket when she realized that the man behind the booth was Eric. All she could see was his eyes, but as SHCJ, she recognized him regardless. 
She said, “Excuse me?”
Eric, “….”
Fan, “How do I get to BunDang from here?”
Eric, “Oh…go in that direction, and the train the BunDang will be there.”
Fan, “Oh, over there?”
Eric, “Yes.”
Fan, “Thank you, Eric Oppa.”
Eric, “…I’m not Eric..”
Fan, “Yeah, okay. It was nice meeting you, Eric oppa.”
“………..goodbye, SHCJ.”

2. At Eric’s Fan Signing
Eric, “What’s your name?”
Fan, “Pikachu.”
Eric, “Your name~”
Fan, “It’s Pikachu – -;”
Eric, “^^;;; What’s your name?”
Persistent fan, “Pikachu.”

When she checked the autograph later:
“To: Pikachu
From: Raichu”

3. Shinhwa on Radio
Shinhwa went on a radio program, and when the DJ asked Junjin to pick a number:
Junjin, ” – – – – “
Eric, “Those are the last four digits of his number.” 
Shinhwa members, “Why don’t you say the beginning numbers, too?”
Eric, “- – – -“
All: “You can’t say that!”

A little later:

Junjin, “Everyone, if you could please refrain (from calling)”
Eric, “Everyone, the area code is 019.” 

1. It doesn’t hurt to listen to Bongie
During one winter, the ground was frozen with ice, and fans were chasing MInWoo in his van. Minwoo told them not to run because they might slip and fall. Well, a SHCJ slipped and fell. Bongie said, “See, I told you so! That what you get for not listening to me – -; “

2. Minwoo Fanfics
Fan: “Oppa, have you read any of the fanfics about you?”
Bongie: “No, I haven’t read them.”
Fan: “Really? Aw, you’re so cool in it…oh well.”
Bongie: “Yeah, I did sound kind of cool in it.” 

Ummm….what? XD

3. During the T.O.P Days
SHCJs saw Bongie go in to practice. A few hours later, he came back out half asleep with just his boxers. SHCJs said,”Oppa…I think you put on the wrong clothes…” Bongie responded, “This? These are shorts~”SHCJs believed they were shorts, but then DongWan came out saying, “MINWOOOOO!!! YOUR PANTS!!!!!!!” 

1. Fan at DongWan’s Hair Shop
A few high school SHCJs skipped class and went to the shop that DongWan was at. When DongWan saw them he said,
“You guys skipped class and came here, right?!”  After lecturing and scolding them for a while, Dongwan made the SHCJs do squat jumps and other strenuous exercises as punishment.

2. DongWan’s Love for SHCJ
When DongWan spotted SHCJ in front of Shinhwa’s dorm, he stayed with them and lectured them for two hours about how important school and how they should be good to their parents, etc., etc. He went as far as getting one of the SHCJ’s parent’s phone number and told the parent about what their child was doing. When the parent didn’t seem to care DongWan said, “Fine. Let’s just play.” Together they played hide-and-seek, and he bought them ice cream. After that, whenever SHCJs saw DongWan coming their way, they were busy trying to find places to hide, but DongWan, “How cute. But I can still see all of you~” After a while, even HyeSung started telling SHCJ, “DongWan’s coming soon. Hide!”

3. DongWan is a scary netizen
A few days before Valentine’s Day, DongWan wrote on his blog, “I don’t like chocolate. Please don’t get me any.” SHCJ saw this and all responded somewhere along the lines of, “…we weren’t planning to get you any anyway..” A few days later DongWan posted, “Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I hope it rains!”

4. Memorable Fan
A SHCJ wanted to be remembered by Shinhwa so instead of getting their autographs, she gave them her autograph. When that SHCJ met DongWan and started signing, DongWan said, “I already got one ^^;” When she met HyeSung and tried to sign, HyeSung said, “I already have six at home ^^”

5. DongWan’s Value of SHCJ’s Education
When a SHCJ showed up at DongWan’s fan singing saying, “I was number one of my class! I did a good job, right? Could you pat my head for me?” DongWan took a look at the report card and said, “Come back when you’re valedictorian of your entire school.”

1. At HyeSung’s Fan Signing
Fan: “I’m very sad today.” 
Syung: “Why?”
Fan, “Because I couldn’t go to the bathroom today.” 

He couldn’t sign autographs for the following five people because he was too busy still laughing.

2. Syung at the super market
A fan met Syung at a store with sweats and slippers on and an ice cream in his hand. 
Fan, “Wow! Is Shin Hye Sung!!” 
Syung: “I’ll kill you if you saying anything..”
Fan: *too terrified to say anything* 
Syung: “Aw, my ice cream melted because of you! – -” 

3.  Syung’s Love for Video Games
SHCJs in front of Shinhwa’s dorm saw Syung leaving with his stage clothes and figured he had work
. Syung came back an hour later, and SHCJ said,
“You’re coming back from an Internet Cafe, right?”Syung responded,
Don’t go spreading rumors, guys~”

4. Syung’s Other love: HIS CAR
A SHCJ wanted to be remembered by Syung and wrote
“I love you, Oppa” and her number on Syung’s car. That same night, the SHCJ received a phone call from an unknown number. When she picked up, Syung was absolutely infuriated at the other end and said, I don’t care! Just get your mother on the phone!!!!” 

5. At the back alley around Inki Gayo
Somewhere in the back alley around the Inki Gayo studio, SHCJs spotted Syung in his car. He didn’t have any make-up on and just had his foot stick out of his car. SHCJs thought he was sleeping and one said,
Look! His feet are so ugly~” Then suddenly the foot disappeared and the door was shut. For a long while after that, that SHCJ went around with a placard saying, “I’m sorry I said your feet were ugly T_T” 


A SHCJ spotted Junjin on the streets and in her excitement, she ran over and gave him a back hug. 
Junjin shouted, “Don’t hug me!!! The clementines are going to get squished!!!”

There were clementines in his backpack ^^

2. SyungJin’s Love for Video Games
SHCJs spotted SyungJin going to an Internet Cafe and followed them. Jin said, “Don’t run.” Syung said, “Don’t run. Walk.”
They didn’t tell them not to come �de00

3. Junjin’s Mantra?
A SHCJ saw somebody that looked a whole lot like Jin and cautiously asked, “Are you…Junjin?” Jin said, “Don’t act like you know me. Don’t act like you know me. Don’t act like you know.” Out of respected the SHCJ said, “Oh….okay.” The SHCJ walked away without saying anything more, but JIn kept saying, “Don’t act like you know me. Don’t act like you know me.”

…….um. Okay. 

1. When SHCJs in front of Shinhwa’s dorm Andy coming back, they started yelling, “OPPPPPPAAAAAA!!!!!” Seeing this, Andy gave each SHCJ a cracker and told them to go home. When they said no, Andy responded, “Psh. Fine, do whatever you want~”

2. At a fan signing
Fan: “Oppa, can I date you?”
Andy: “No, you can’t~”
Fan: *super upset*

At the next fan signing, Andy recognized the same SHCJ and asked,
Do you want to go out with me?”
Fan: “No -____-“

3. SHCJ to Andy?
At a signing, a SHCJ asked what SHCJ was to Andy.
Andy, “……”
Fan: “Oppa, your answer~”
Andy: “I need to finish signing my autograph before I answer~”
Fan: “Oh…okay”
After he finished signing, he said with a smile, “My life.” 





How was that guys? Did you laugh? Did you space out in shock? Did you fall off your chair as you died of laughter? Well, I hope you did at some point. I would just like to end this special epic post (that took me forever to compile) with a reminder to SHCJ and a notice to other fans. 

The idols we lose sleep over, fight over, drool over, cry over, dream about, write about, spaz about, talk about, and want with all our hearts are souls are humans before they are anything else.  I hope this anecdote compilation proved that to you all. Yes, some of the stories may be disappointing, and some may upset you guys. But please remember that Shinhwa likes to drink a lot like every other Korean male. Shinhwa likes to play video games like any other guy. Shinhwa has weird quirks like every other human

SHCJ is certainly legendary among Kpop fandoms, and with good reason. One of those reasons is the fact that they were straight up terrifying and aggressive at times. They did things at concerts and venues that embarrassed other SHCJs and Shinhwa, too. But SHCJ also consists of humans. Particularly hormonal fangirls at the peak of Shinhwa’s popularity. But like Shinhwa, they too have matured over the past 13 years. 

I put these anecdotes altogether in one place not only to entertain you all and put you guys in a state of nostalgia, but to remind every single one of you reading (who may or may not be SHCJ) that we must remember that there’s always a give and take in any relationship. There are always fights and ruts that each side hits. It’s normal. It’s also rumored that most of the Shinhwa’s Antifan Cafe consists of SHCJ themselves. Why?

Because SHCJ knows Shinhwa the best.
The good
and the bad

If there’s anything I want for all the dedicated fandoms out there, I would hope that they love their biases and idols for who they are.

Happy 13th Birthday, loves �de42