’49 Days’ Is Plagiarized From a Shinhwa Fanfic?

Right: Poster for drama
(Right: Poster for drama “49 Days.” Left: Front cover of popular fan fiction “49 Days Grace.”)

The new SBS drama “49 Days” is being scrutinized due to rumors of it possibly be plagiarized from legendary fan fiction written about the legend themselves, Shinhwa. The fan fiction titled “49 Days Grace” was so popular back in 2003 that it ended becoming published by a credible publishing company, Blue Lot (“Pureun Teo”). 

In the drama “49 Days,” the female protagonist (Nam Gyuri) goes into a comatose state seven days before her wedding day. Her spirit then takes over a living being (Lee Yo Won) and collects the tears that have fallen for her by three acquaintances to the required amount in order to come back to life.

The fan fiction “49 Days Grace ” a female high school gets into an accident while running an errand for her younger brother a day before her school trip and goes into a comatose state. Right before her death, the grim reaper appears and offers her a deal. If she can get her brother to acknowledge her, she can live. Her spirit then takes over someone else’s body, and she goes around finding out how and what other people think of her.

The plagiarism issue first came up when netizens recognized the familiarity of the title of the drama. When asked about the possible plagiarism, a representative of the drama said, “It is definitely not plagiarized.” The representative also added, “While we were preparing the drama “49 Days,” we found out about the Shinhwa fan fiction and looked into it. The plots are completely different. If there had been a problem, we would have ceased production.”

The representative concluded by saying, “We think the unique concept of being possessed by a spirit may have brought about the plagiarism speculations. Only two episodes have been aired so far. As the drama continues, we believe our case will be proven on its own.”

Internet forums have been firing up with threads talking about the similarities of the two works. Besides the common number 49, both female protagonists fall in love with a man while her spirit is taking over the body of another woman. That male character in both works also likes to ride motorcycles, only further convincing fans that the drama was a plagiarized production. 

Honestly, Soompiers, I don’t quite know what to make of this. What do you guys think?
Do you guys think this drama could have really been ripped from a Kpop idol fan fiction? 

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