Special Song for Super Junior Fans Released

GoodWill & MGI, an American-Finnish production duo, recently released a track dedicated to all the Super Junior fans (ELF’s) around the world. Titled the “E.L.F Song,” this track talks about the love and dedication of Super Junior fans, otherwise known as ELF’s (short for Everlasting Friend), have for the popular idol group. The song has been an instant hit as GoodWill tweeted on his page (@goodwillbeats) today, “53K downloads and 90K youtube views in 24 hours!!!! Thanks for the support ELFs! Let’s keep it going, tell ELFs about the #ELF song!” You can download the song for free at: http://www.goodwillmgi.com/

Check out the YouTube lyrics video at:


GoodWill & MGI were involved in the production of Super Junior’s latest album, writing and producing a song titled “Gotcha Number.” GoodWill had made a promise with Super Junior fans that he would join their official fan club once he exceeds 10,000 Twitter followers, and last month he finally did as the ELF’s helped him reach that goal in just a few days.

GoodWill & MGI, comprised of Will “GoodWill” Rappaport and Henri “MGI” Lanz, is a production crew formed in 2006. They’ve written and produced numerous songs for major label artists from all over the world, including Akon, Sean Kingston, Justin Bieber, 50 Cent, Jakadkiss, and Twista, among others.